Stylish Picnic Mats and Picnic Blankets To Level Up Your Outdoor Dining

Picnicking family on Tarpestry

The old adage holds true – now more than ever – that the simple things in life are often the best things in life. Enter picnics: the classic, timeless simple pleasure of lounging on a picnic blanket in the park or woods or beach with a nice spread of fruit, cheeses, beverages, and good company. And you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you’re eating on the ground. Tapestry outdoor picnic mats and water-resistant picnic blankets offer superior design, durability, and portability. Bring back the picnic!

Tarpestry Picnic Styles

Classic – our Classic is our original, and most comfortable. The Classic Tarpestry is a cotton picnic mat, but it still has the water-resistant tarp backing to keep you dry. It’s also one of our biggest blanket options at 7.5 feet by 4.5 feet, which comfortably fits two to four adults.

Rugged – the Rugged Tarpestry is weather-resistant on BOTH sides, which means it’s also twice as durable. The Rugged outdoor picnic blanket is also a bit more spill safe if you kick over the beverages (it happens!). Just hose everything off when you’re done and hang it out to dry. The Rugged is also 7.5 feet by 4.5 feet.

Epic – our Epic line is just that – epic. If you are looking for absolute style, this is our designer picnic blanket line. Each unique design is hand-selected and curated from artists around the country. Epic’s range from 6 -7.5 feet x 4.5 feet or 4.5 feet x 4.5 feet.

And while we enjoy sharing a picnic with our pups, if you’d prefer your doggos keep their paws off the picnic pickings, we also offer water-resistant dog mats that double as stuffable duvets for extra comfort and pampering.

Mountain picnic on Tarpestry mat

We have given many as gifts and use ours for everything outdoors. Really great for concerts! Very durable and easy to clean. None of the detritus that comes home with most picnic blankets!


Key Outdoor Picnic Mat Features

Water Repellent – If you’re looking for a waterproof picnic mat, Tapestry’s water-resistant and water repellent tarp backing will do the trick. It’s the perfect protection against moist grass or picnic spills – which is especially key if you’re bringing the kids.

Durable – Tarpestrys are far more durable than your average picnic blanket or mat. That’s due to our unique heavy-duty polyester tarp material that makes it last, and urethane coating which also creates an easy to clean surface. It’s also what makes Tarpestrys particularly well suited as beach picnic blankets.

UV and Fade Resistant – Our Rugged and Epic lines utilize UV-treated fabrics, which means the colors are fade-resistant. If you’re picnicking on the regular, consider UV-treated to ensure bright long-lasting color!

Multifunctional – A Tarpestry is so much more than a picnic mat. We craft and sew with multipurpose in mind. So while picnics are probably one of the very best uses for a Tarpestry, you can also hang it from above as a classic tarp to protect against rain, sun, or create a privacy barrier. Check out our Instagram for more creative uses.

These things are the best and worth every penny. We use ours in camping trips, festivals, picnics, and other rendezvous. It’s always in the car, ready for fun. Get you one! 

Picnic mat in backyard
Picnic mat in park with dog


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