Custom Options for Printed Tarps and Outdoor Blankets

If you love the Tarpestry printed tarp product concept of a durable, weather-resistant tarp-like bottom and captivating designs and delightfully, comfortable aspects of a tapestry on top as much as we do, then we are certain you will be jumping for joy about the custom features of the Tarpestry product offers. We do our very best to understand exactly what our customers love. Our team has gone through a lot of product testing, sampling and product feedback sessions from customers just like you. 

Customized Tarpestry

It’s extremely important that our Tarpestry bring our customers, not only a unique function, to their outdoor adventures, picnicking or music festival experience but also a flare of style and relaxing comfort. This is why we carefully select designs and offer a wide-selection of graphic options for the variety of custom printed tarps to meet the radical tastes of our customers.

We also don’t want to forget our fellow artists and as a homegrown and family-owned and run business it’s a big part of our business to partner with local and national artists to bring our customers fresh and clean designs over and over again. It’s honestly so inspiring how creative our customers are, which is why we are so excited to offer you the option to completely customize  your Tarpestry and upload your very own design to be printed on your Tarpestry! 

We’re giddy because the wonderful world of Tarpestry just got way more fun! Now you can have any high resolution image or design digitally printed on our quality fabric that will be a part of your very own, custom Tarpestry. It brings us so much joy to see all of the creative and interesting designs and personal photography our customers will send our way to print on our product.

Artist inspired Tarpestry

Obviously, the customization of a Tarpestry printed tarp is very appealing to many of our customers as a custom music festival blanket or a custom picnic blanket, but we also see the practical potential this offers our customers who may be business owners, musicians or artists themselves. With our custom Tarpestry option, it serves as a great way to showcase any marketing or promotional items and merchandise. We highly encourage you to consider putting your design or logo on a Tarpestry today! We can’t wait to see what we create together!

Pumped to get your custom printed tarp order in? To get started and access more information about how it works, please see our Custom Order Info Sheet.

Because our roots as a company are planted in the music festival industry, there are a lot of our designed Tarpestry that have been inspired by the musicians and artists we have the pleasure of bumping elbows with along our way across the country. In our custom product gallery, we have The Leftover Salmon Tarpestry, which features the album artwork for “High Country” and this is a perfect example of how the artist also promote and sell with their merchandise online and when vending at music festivals.

Representing custom artwork Tarpestry for infamous music gatherings, like the  Telluride Bluegrass Festival and the Northwest String Summit has been an absolute honor and it has been so exciting to see Tarpestry be sold out the weekend of each of their festivals!

Northwest String Summit Tarpestry
Bluegrass Festival Tarpestry
Leftover Salmon Highcountry Tarpestry

We have also done collaborations with artists: Jeff Wood, Phil Lewis, Ryan Kerrigan, Kind Design, Android Jones, Hugo Pineda, Eric Maiorana, Nathan Huffman and Isadora Bullock. We cannot wait to partner with ever more artists and see our custom Tarpestry business grow to in turn help spread the joy and creativity of other fellow artists around the country! 

Pumped to get your custom printed tarp order in? To get started and access more information about how it works, please see our Custom Order Info Sheet.


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