Invented by two music festival lovers who wanted a dry seat, Tarpestry combines the functions of a tarp with the beauty and softness of a tapestry. Born in Colorado and built in the mountains of North Carolina, Tarpestry is a soft and durable weather-resistant picnic blanket/tarp that puts a beautiful buffer between you and the elements. 

It’s a picnic blanket, it’s a tarp—it’s both!

The base fabric of each Tarpestry is heavy duty, water-repellent and UV-resistant fabric that is similar to duffle bag fabric. This layer prevents wet-butt and other elemental unpleasantries. There are four grommet rings included – you can use these to hang the Tarpestry up for privacy and sun/rain/wind protection or stake down on a hill or when windy.

Tarpestry is perfect for picnics, camping, beach trips, outdoor concerts, sports and so much more.

See the Tarpestry Story to learn about the company’s origins and growth.

A design for everyone

The functionality of the Tarpestry is indeed a truly unique product and experience that we assure you, you just can’t find anything else quite like it. Another striking aspect of the Tarpestry that offers this especially distinct experience is the plethora of designs to choose from.

Not only do we hand select amazing designs for you to choose from in our product gallery, but we also partner with local or national artists to bring you fresh and special designs for your Tarpestry.

Everyone loves a Tarpestry because it stands out and it can be uniquely yours. When our customers are a music festival, this is an especially helpful feature of the product so they remember where their seat or camping spot is staked out. It may seem simple but it sure is handy when you’re in a sea of friendly and happy folks! 


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