Artist Series

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Our Tarpestry Artist Series features unique, stylish designs from artists we personally love and admire! The beautiful works of these artists are digitally printed on our high quality, fade resistant fabric – talk about the ultimate Tarpestry style! You won’t find these designs anywhere else so our Artist Series is sure to help you stand out at when you stake out at the next music festival! Our Tarpestry Artist Series blankets are festival goer must have!

UPPER: UV resistant poplin, BASE: Water repellent/UV resistant polyester, SIZE: 7.5′ x 4.5′


Made of washable, UV resistant and water repellent fabric, the Artist Series Tarpestry blankets are a unique accessory that not only looks good, but is also practical and easy to pack - perfect for a festival outing! And don’t forget, your Tarpestry is built to last, so once you get home from your adventure, simply hose off your Tarpestry and store it for the next use. This makes the Tarpestry perfect for any and all outdoor activities. Our Artist Series provides the same great features our classic Tarpestry with a stylish and unique twist! UV resistant and with a water repellent base, the Artist Series is durable, washable and beautiful!