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Is a Tarpestry Waterproof?

The perfect combination of the water-repellent nature of a tarp and comfort and beauty of a tapestry that makes up a Tarpestry does not allow it to be completely water-repellent. However, it will repel the water to a point.

Lay your Tarpestry down on the damp grass and you will stay high and dry. If you lay it down in a puddle, it will eventually saturate and you will have a soggy bottom.

You can use your Tarpestry for rain protection, if you hang it at an angle so that the water can bead up and roll down. Keep in mind that if you allow the water to pool, it will eventually saturate and you must keep the water-repellent base fabric facing the rain!

How do I wash my Tarpestry?

Treat your Tarpestry like a tarp! Shake it out when it’s dirty, rinse it off with a hose when it’s really dirty. If your Tarpestry needs a machine wash, use a machine without an agitator. We recommend a cold cycle machine wash with mild soap and always hang to dry.

Please be aware that any harsh detergent and the agitation of the machine wash will eventually break down the inner coating on the Tarpestry. You most likely won’t be able to see it but you may notice a decrease in water-repellency. The good news is that if there is a noticeable difference in functionality, you can simply re-coat the Tarpestry with any waterproofing spray for outdoor gear.

Where is a Tarpestry made?

We are a family-owned, United States based company that boasts a Made In America and handmade product! We are proudly owned and operated out of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

Where can I buy a Tarpestry?

We work hard to ensure our online store keeps Tarpestries in-stock all year round! Carrie and Ted also travel across the United States attending and setting up shop at various music festivals. We are always updating our website with our latest road trip, so that you know where to meet us and have a chance to see your Tarpestry before you buy it! We also partner with a new local retailers and you can find out more about our festival tour and local business partners, here.

How big is a Tarpestry?

We carry two standard sizes of Tarpestry plus two sizes of dog duvet covers! For our human friends we recommend, the full size of 7.5’x5′ and the Mini size of 4.5’x3′ is a great option for our half-size humans. For our furry, four-legged friends, we recommend the jumbo size of 4.5’x3.5′ for the bigger good boy and good girl and the standard size of 3’x2.5′ for the smaller fur babies.

Please do keep in mind, these sizes are approximate as all Tarpestry are hand cut and sewn especially for you!

How many people will a Tarpestry fit?

Tarpestrys can fit anywhere from 1-6+ people! Find out what size fits how many here.

Is a Tarpestry eco-friendly?

At Tarpestry we are very earth-conscious. Alongside taking pleasure in the environment, we believe strongly that there has to be provisions to protect it. That is why we are dedicated to incorporating sustainable components in all aspects of business. Visit our Sustainability page to learn how.

Will my Tarpestry fade?

Our outdoor Tarpestry product is weather-resistant, however, it is still made out of fabric to make it as comfortable as possible for you. The likelihood of your Tarpestry fading is likely, but if you are concerned about this, then we recommend our Rugged and Artist Series Tarpestry–as both are UV treated on both sides and will last the longest. These two styles are what you will want if you plan to have your Tarpestry outside 24/7.

The Classic style has a cotton upper that is printed with vegetable dyes. The vibrancy may fade but the functionality will not!

Will my Tarpestry lose its water-repellency?

Tarpestries are made to be weather-resistant , but like any other outdoor gear or product, it does have its limits. Much like your rain jacket or your tent will lose water repellency, so will your Tarpestry. The good news is that when this happens, you can simply re-coat your Tarpestry with the same outdoor gear spray you would use on your other outdoor gear.

Do you have sales?

Tarpestry loves treating our customers! Join our email newsletter and be one of the first to know when we are having a sale.

Can I make a custom Tarpestry?

Sure can! You can find info here.

Have more questions?

We love questions and the opportunity to better serve our customers! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here.


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