Tarpestry’s Versatile and Unique Camping Tarps Add Color and Charisma to Your Outdoor Home Base

Tarpestry camping tarp beside two dome tents in the woods.

Tarpestrys are multi-functional camping tarps that put a buffer between you and the elements. They are the perfect tarps for car camping and overlanding because they do so much. Need a sun shade or privacy shade for your camper, van, or RV? How about an entryway mat for your tent? Picnic blanket for the table? Tarpestry has you covered—literally.

Camping tarp for tent entryway while camping.

“Love my Tarpestry!! We use ours for camping, beach trips, soccer games, shade, keeping my car clean when transporting dirty items, EVERYTHING! Best invention ever. I want 50 of them.”

– Kate A.

Camping Tarps Created by an Adventure Family for Adventure Families

Key Features


Are you one of those campers who likes to decorate your campsite with flags, tapestries, and fairy lights? So are we. Tarpestry’s colorful camp tarps come in over 30 unique designs (and we’re always adding more) that can help personalize your campsite and make it homier.


You know those tarps you take camping twice and they end up shredded in the wind or torn? These are not those. Tarpestrys can last a lifetime. Plus they are water-resistant. That means if you’re using your Tarpestry as a picnic table cloth, spills by the kiddos will not be an issue. Plus, our Rugged and Mini Tarpestrys are water-resistant.


Tarpestry camping tarps offer so many uses for those who enjoy the outdoors – especially when car camping. Our fans have sent us many photos of creative camping setups showing Tarpestrys as sun shades, wind shades, picnic table covers, tent entryways, and more. Check out more examples on Instagram.

Grommets for Days

How many bungee cords do you have? Tarpestrys start with four grommets and you can add up to ten, which means there are dozens of ways you can hang them in your campsite.

“These things are the best and worth every penny. We use ours in camping trips, festivals, picnics, and other rendezvous. It’s always in the car, ready for fun. Get you one!”

– Heather A.

Choose Your Camping Tarp Size and Style


  • Full: 7.5’ x 4.5′
  • Square: 4.5’ x 4.5’
  • Mini: 4.5’ x 3’

The full-size Tarpestry camping tarp is ideal for hanging as a sun, wind, or privacy barrier. The mini is great for kids as a picnic mat or your tent or camper entryway. We also offer several collections.

  • Classic: inspired by tapestries, water-resistant base
  • Rugged: built for adventure, fully water-resistant
  • Epic: artist collaborations, water-resistant base
  • Mini: smaller version of the Rugged
Small and large tarpestry

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