Unique Camping Tarps

Tarpestry in front of tent on camping trip

When packing for your camping or backpacking trip, what do you typically bring for shelter? A tent? A tarp? Something else? We are on team tarp or a combination of both a tent and camping tarp.

Your camping tarp can help provide additional protection from the elements or be propped to create the perfect shelter for sleeping under the stars. The best tarps can also be employed to create a breeze shield, help safeguard your basecamp kitchen serve or create privacy for when it is needed. Simply put, a camping tarp can make the difference between a miserable or an enjoyable camping or backpacking experience. This is where The Tarpestry comes in.

What is a Tarpestry?

Imagine that a tarp and a tapestry had a baby. That is what The Tarpestry is. It is a functional, multi-use tarp with the design and individuality of a beautiful tapestry. 

The Tarpestry makes for the perfect camping and backpacking companion. There are many uses including:

  • Shield from wind, rain and harsh sun
  • Additional water protection for your campsite
  • Picnic blanket functionality so you don’t have to eat in the dirt
  • Complete shelter for under the stars sleeping
  • And much more…

How to Select the Perfect Camping Tarp

Camping tarp outside of tents

If you’re searching for the ideal tarp, the two biggest things to consider are size and material. The former is simple; you want the tarp to be big enough for your camping space. The Tarpestry comes in two sizes:

  1. Full Size: 7.5’x5′
  2. Mini: 4.5’x3′

If you are looking for something to provide complete shelter, we recommend going with the Full-Size tarp. If you are simply looking for a campsite addition for sitting and cooking, the Mini is for you.

When it comes to considering material, you want a camping tarp that will be durable, water repellant and potentially even UV-resistant. Additionally, look for tarps with numerous reinforced attachment points. You will want them on all four corners at a minimum, but the more attachment points, the easier to set up and secure. 

Benefits of using a Tarp for Camping or Backpacking


A camping/backpacking tarp weighs significantly less compared to a conventional tent. With fewer parts, it will be easier to carry your Tarpestry to your camping destination. This is crucial. You don’t want to add extra weight, especially if you have miles and miles to go. 

Highly Durable

A tarp has a much simpler design compared to a tent. Inherently, this makes it more durable and less prone to rips and tears. The Tarpestry is also easy to clean. Simply shake off excess dirt and then spray it down with a hose. The ease of cleaning will prevent additional wear and tear that can be caused by a washing machine.


Unlike tents, tarps allow for unique configurations and for you to set up your campsite exactly the way you like. This is important, especially when your campsite is weird shaped or low on space.

Room to Breath

Who wants to be cooped up in a tent when you can sleep under the stars? Using a tarp allows for more visibility and a natural air conditioner from the elements. Now, this can have its drawbacks depending on the season, but tarps prevent claustrophobia no matter the time of year. 

Saves Money

Tents can cost anywhere from $50 to $700! The cost depends on the quality, brand and functionality of the tent you purchase. While you can find cheap options, unfortunately, you often get what you pay for. In contrast, a high-quality and durable Tarpestry will cost you around $125. 

Water Repellant

The last thing you want is to wake up soaked in the middle of the night from an unexpected rainstorm. A Tarpestry is perfect to reinforce your tent or keep you dry all night long. If over time your Tarpestry loses water repellency, don’t worry. You can recoat your tarp with the same spray you would use on your other outdoor gear.

Bonus Benefit: Style

The average tarp is a big, blue, ugly rectangle. Who wants that when you can have a vibrant, unique and beautiful Tarpestry to show off your style at the campsite? Gone are the days of boring. Up your camping and backpacking game with a Tarpestry as unique as you and your adventures!

Shop for the Perfect Camping and Backpacking Tarp Today!

No camping or backpacking trip is complete without bringing The Tarpestry along for the ride. You can easily pack this lightweight tarp to guarantee you are protected from the elements and have a cozy campsite all while showing off your style!


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