Sand-Free Beach Mats for Hassle-Free Fun in the Sun

Sand Free Beach Mats at the Ocean

Let’s face it. Traditional beach blankets are great – until you get home – or back in the car – and find sand in every nook and cranny for weeks. Tarpestry’s sand-free beach mats are a stylish solution for beach-side lounging, and afterward, you leave the sand at the beach! They are portable, water-resistant, and easy to clean.

Take the hassle out of beach trips, and add a Tarpestry to your tote.

“I brought my Tarpestry to the beach yesterday, then to the park for a picnic today…it’s been to Wanee, camping, and Red Rocks for concerts…my Tarpestry gets around! Beautiful prints & so durable. They make the best gifts, too.”

Tarpestry Beach Mats

Key Beach Mat Features

Lightweight and Portable – Tarpestrys weigh about four pounds, which means they are ready to travel to the beach or most any adventure. Simply fold them up or roll them up and tuck them into your beach bag. You’ll still have plenty of room for other essentials like your sunscreen, summer reads, or toys for the kids.

Durable – We pride ourselves on durability. If you’re a regular beach goer, then you know how corrosive the sand and elements can be – on suits, towels, gear. Not to mention the toll kids can take on your beach gear! Tarpestry outdoor beach mats and beach blankets are made to last. The heavy duty polyester material can withstand the elements and time (and children). To ensure the longest lifespan of your beach mat, store your Tarpestry indoors in a moisture-free closet.

Easy to Clean – This is probably one of the best features of our beach mats. Because a Tarpestry is part tarp, it is not only naturally water-resistant, but you can clean it like a tarp! That means shake it, hang it up, and hose it off. The sand will rinse off easily and it will dry quickly. You could probably even just run it under the outdoor showers found at most public beaches.

Fade and UV Resistant – Part of what makes a Tarpestry unique is our selection of unique and stylish prints and designs. We’ve developed our sand-free beach mat with the sun in mind, so our Rugged and Epic collections use UV treated fabrics to prevent the bright colors from fading in that bright sun.


Tarpestry has several collections of beach mats and picnic blankets, however, one particular collection is most suited to beach conditions, and that is our Rugged Collection. At 7.5 feet by 4.5 feet, Rugged beach mats comfortably fit two to four adults.

Woman on beach mat

Rugged beach mats are fade-resistant and water-repellant on both sides, which makes it perfect for a sandless environment, just shake off when done. They come with four to ten grommets that allow you to easily stake your beach mat or raise it as a sun shield.

I love my Tarpestry! I use it at the park and beach and at music festivals! I gave one to my Mom as a gift and she loves hers too!

– Jamey C.
Tarpestry hanging on sunshade


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