Upgrade Your Outdoor Concert and Festival Gear with Printed Festival Blankets

Older hippies at Floyd Fest music festival sitting on a Tarpestry festival blanket.

Our roots are showing. Tarpestry is a company born from a love of seeing live music in the great outdoors, combined with a pesky problem: a soggy bottom. Enter Tarpestrys: water-resistant outdoor concert and music festival blankets that allow you to enjoy the music without soaking up moisture from the dewy grass. That is because Tarpestrys are literal festival tarps! With creative designs and prints, we offer a functional solution that adds to your experience, whether you’re attending an outdoor show or hosting a backyard concert or listening session. Browse our growing collection of concert blankets. We have 3D options!

Unique Festival Blanket Designs Contributed by Artists Around the Country

We’ve followed a lot of bands over the years, and met a lot of interesting people – including loads of artists. Our Epic Tarpestry Collection is a result of that synergy. Epic festival and concert blankets feature digitally printed original artwork on high-quality and fade-resistant fabric. Even if you can’t get out to the festivals right now, you can take the festival with you, camping, picnicking, or what we’ve turned to: backyard concert series.

Example of Epic festival blanket

Love love love my tarpestry. Used it for years and still looks and performs like new. Always get compliments and Wow’s when I whip it out at events.

– ROB B.
Using concert blanket at outdoor concert

Additional Festival Blanket Styles

Classic Tarpestry

Classic – The Classic Tarpestry is our largest and softest concert blanket. This one is cotton-lined on top, for soft seating, but still has the water-resistant tarp-based backing for the grass side. Classic and Rugged comfortably fit between two and four adults and are 7.5 feet by 4.5 feet.

Rugged Tarpestry

Rugged – the Rugged Tarpestry is water repellent on both sides, which means it’s also twice as durable. Are you that person who is always knocking your drink over on the picnic mat? This is the festival blanket for you. It wipes off easily. Plus, after the show you can just hose it down and hang in the sun to dry. 


Lightweight and Portable
This is key for any concert of festival goer. You need a blanket or mat that rolls up or folds up easily that you can fit into a pack or tote with plenty of room to spare.

Low Maintenance
Unlike many traditional festival blankets, Tarpestrys are super easy to clean. Because of the unique poly tarp material and fabric, cleaning a Tarpestry is as easy as shaking it off, hosing it down, and hanging it to dry. No dirt or grass remnants.

These are so great, a concert must! We take our Tarpestry’s everywhere. Well made and clean up easily!



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