There are a ton of tarps and concert blankets that come in various types of shapes and sizes, and your needs can very well determine the type of tarp or concert blanket that you choose. Here at Tarpestry, we believe that our tarp, The Classic, could serve as the perfect concert blanket for you. Our concert blanket, The Classic, is large enough to sit multiple people with plenty of room to spare and is also spacious enough for two or more to sprawl out and enjoy a concert at the park or an outdoor venue when the moment calls for it. The Classic is also nimble enough to be compactly rolled up and to go with you, on a moment’s notice, anywhere you want it to go.

With the water-repellent base and soft cotton upper, The Classic serves as the perfect blend between a rugged water-repellent blanket and the comforts of the perfect concert blanket. As the day winds down and the fatigue kicks in at a festival or concert, sometimes all you want is to comfortably and cozily lounge around with your friends or fellow festival and concert goers. The Classic is perfect for that. Aside from outdoor concerts, The Classic is also a beautiful choice for days out on the lawn and more. We have numerous designs of The Classic to choose from, so you can choose the right one that will perfectly suit your taste or visual ensemble which you’ve crafted.

UPPER: 100% pre-shrunk cotton, BASE: Water repellent/UV resistant polyester, SIZE: 7.5′ x 4.5′