Tarpestry Accessories

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Have you purchased your Tarpestry? Check! Do you need additional supplies? While the beauty of your Tarpestry is that you can use it without any additional supplies. However, we have a product line of supplies such as Festival blanket accessories that can take your Tarpestry to the next level.

Are you taking your Tarpestry to the beach, a concert or on a picnic? Don’t worry, we have straps to help you carry your Tarpestry along with all of your other necessities. Are you taking your Tarpestry with you camping or hiking? We have hooks and stakes to make sure your beloved Tarpestry isn’t blown away by the elements. Whether you are an adventure junkie or prefer to just relax outdoors, our line of Tarpestry supplies will guarantee you have a fun, safe and memorable experience — time and time again.

We have supplies for whatever adventure you are taking with your Tarpestry. We find that the most popular and useful applications for the Tarpestry are camping and hiking, concerts and music festivals, picnics, going to the beach and even for your four-legged companion.