Alongside taking pleasure in the environment there have to be provisions to protect it. That is why we are dedicated to incorporating sustainable components in all aspects of business and life.


Eliminate single use plastic tarps bound for the landfill. Instead of buying a tarp for a one-time outing, invest in a Tarpestry for years of enjoyment!


Tarpestrys are hand made in Boone, NC, where we live and run all aspects of the business.We believe the producing of our product locally enriches our community and local economy. Local manufacturing also reduces transportation and therefore freight oil and gas consumption. 


Classic Tarpestrys are printed with vegetable dyes. This prevents toxic chemicals from entering the water supply during the printing process.


We recycle or repurpose all shipping materials, cardboard, paper and plastics. We encourage you to do the same with our shipped order materials!


Tarpestrys are packaged with biodegradable thistle and paper. For shipping orders, Tarpestrys are wrapped with paper instead of plastic.


Ready to retire your well-loved Tarpestry? Save the landfill – send your beloved back to us! We will recycle and repurpose your Tarpestry and give you a discount for your replacement.  Learn more about our Tarpestry-Cycle program here.


Protecting the environment and preserving natural lands is a number one priority for us. We donate to various environmental causes throughout the year. Conservation Colorado protects Colorado’s environment and quality of life by mobilizing people and electing conservation-minded policymakers. Clean Vibes Trading Post educates the public about environmental responsibility and stewardship, particularly in regards to solid waste management. Please check out these amazing organizations and give if you can!

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