Are you a festivarian at heart?!  Whether you are someone who just likes the occasional outdoor concert or are the festival every weekend type, the Tarpestry is up for the task to make your experience more comfortable and full of visual fun!  Did you bring an ez-up on your adventure for shade? Hang your Tarpestry up with bungee hooks as a tent wall and not only have a decorated interior but you’ve effectively blocked the wind, rain, sun or anything else that comes your way too.  Once the sun goes down or your ready to head to the show, just unhook your Tarpestry and take it with you for your personal dance floor or place to sit and enjoy the show a little more relaxed.

There are so many ways to use a Tarpestry at a festival!  Do you have kids?  Tarpestrys are the ideal blanket/tarp for kids at festivals.  Especially the more kid-proof “Rugged” style as you can easily wipe up spills, mud, etc but still be comfy and have a home base among the festivarian masses.

Maybe you want to head over to the second stage and check out one band, so you don’t really want to pack all your stuff as you’ll just be back in an hour or so.  No problemo…..Simply put all of your gear on one half of the Tarpestry and then fold the “empty” side of the Tarpestry over your stuff.  This protects it from the rogue rain storm, sun, the random beer spiller etc.  If you want to be really secure about it you could even stake the grommets down after you’ve already folded in it half helping hold down the Tarpestry over your gear if a wind burst comes through!

Use a Tarpestry inside your camping tent to stash your gear, or as a central mat (depending on how big your camping tent is).  You can even put your Tarpestry in front of your tent under your rainfly as a drop spot for backpack, boots, etc.  We’ve even used the Tarpestry as a rain fly a couple of times!

We have heard countless other stories of how Tarpestrys have been used in the big beautiful world of festivals and we have also used them in so many more ways than shared here.  There are lots of styles to choose from that will fit your festival needs and lots of different artistic designs to satisfy your aesthetic style.  We wish you many great Tarpestry moments at the next festival and beyond!!