When we released the first Dog Duvet Cover, our dog Luna LOVED it.  She immediately scratched, spun around and laid down on it.  What we weren’t expecting, was that as soon as she got up, Moe the cat curled up and took a nap on it.  We have a few Dog Duvet Covers around the house – one in the bedroom, one in the den and another on the sunny front porch. The one on the porch is the cat’s favorite Tarpestry. She naps on it all day, basking in the sunshine. We’ve since been tagged on social media with photos of kitty cat Tarpestry fans.

Don’t forget about your kitties…they need Tarpestrys too! Shop Cat Duvet Covers here.

Re-use items that are bound for the landfill to stuff your Dog Duvet Cover. Old blankets, linens, pillows, clothes, even old dog beds and stuffing!  See this post to learn how to stuff the Cat Duvet Covers.