Some of you already have a few music festivals under your belt this year and for others the festival season is just beginning.  Either way we hope you are as excited as we are to hear some amazing music in the company of good friends, family and the great outdoors.  Festival season is our favorite time of year! Not only do we get to travel the country and listen to great music but we are also reunited with all of you…and get to meet some of you for the first time!  Warm weather and smiling faces get us so excited to embark on Tarpestry Tour.

If you’re headed to any music festivals this summer don’t forget to pack your Tarpestry! You’ll always have a home base at the main stage for you and your buddies…not to mention a personal dance floor.  If the rain comes (and you know it will) pile your stuff on the Tarpestry and flip the sides over the pile so it stays nice and dry.  Or throw it over your head and use it as a poncho!  Be sure to bring a set of tent stakes so your Tarpestry stays down in the wind.  When it’s time for a break, bring the Tarpestry back to camp and hang up for privacy during nap time.  If the sun starts to wear you out, hang up the Tarpestry with the grommet rings to make life-saving shade.  Cheers to music festival season, have a blast and most importantly don’t forget to pack your Tarpestry!  Oh yeah, and lots and lots of water.

See our Tarpestry Tour schedule here!

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