Road Warrior

We’re Hiring Road Warriors!


  1. Build regional brand awareness by promoting The Tarpestry Co. at special events nationwide.
  2. Provide an experience to get new customers into the Tarpestry brand by direct sales.
  3. Represent The Tarpestry Co. values.
  4. Sell enough product to make a profit on tour. 


  1. Drive a large van and/or trailer long distances.
  2. Work 14+ hour days. Most weekends. 
  3. Set up booth and merchandise according to Tarpestry guidelines.
  4. Kind and agreeable attitude towards patrons, event staff and other vendors at all times.
  5. Properly maintain booth materials and inventory at events.
  6. During the event, provide quality images of the festival to Tarpestry for social media.
  7. Ability to remain calm and flexible during situations such as extreme weather, fire and medical emergencies.
  8. Open mind and respectful attitude for all types of people and their ways of life.
  9. Team mentality 
  10. Handle cash and credit card transactions / deposits.
  11. Log inventory while packing at the end of each event.
  12. Complete Road Warrior Event Report within 72 hours of each event.
  13. Ability to travel, set up and run the booth alone.
  14. Tent camping
  15. Properly maintain vehicle by advising Tarpestry immediately of any mechanical issues or service needed.

What Employees Can Expect From Us

  1. Guidance
  2. Communication 
  3. Payment the day after each event
  4. Gas card provided
  5. Event entry Fees Paid


  1. Deep awareness of The Tarpestry Co.’s brand story


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