Tarpestry has always had an eye (and ear) for music festivals. One of the reasons Tarpestry decided to focus on weather durable and yet attractive tarps was because of the team’s love of camping out at music festivals. Durable and beautiful tarps makes it easier to stand out, mark a tent, and yet remain dry and comfortable, no matter the weather conditions (because after you’ve been to a few festivals, you know the weather doesn’t always cooperate). This year Tarpestry plans on being at a number of music festivals, including Burning Can Festival 2019 in Brevard, North Carolina

What Is Burning Can Festival?

Burning Can Festival is a two-day festival held at the Oskar Blues Brewery. As one of the largest breweries in the region, the brewery loves putting on activities that combine not only their love of craft beer, but their love of music and fun. That’s exactly what the Burning Can North Carolina edition (there was one in Lyons, Colorado earlier in the year) sets out to be. 

The two-day festival begins on August 9 and runs through the next day, August 10. The music and beer festival showcases a number of music acts and breweries from around the country. Depending on your interest, there are several ticket options available. Because after all, you might be there just for the beer, just for the music, or both.

Ticket options include:

  • Weekend Passes (both beer and music) for $85
  • Friday only beer and music pass for $35
  • Saturday only beer and music pass for $60
  • Saturday music only pass for $40

You can check out the Oskar Blues website where you can purchase tickets to the festival directly through the website. 

Breweries At Burning Can Festival

Oskar Blues might be putting on the music festival, but it isn’t the only brewery to be in attendance. You’ll find over 70 craft breweries will be setting up shop during the festival, with over 250 craft beers to choose from. These breweries are both locally produced and hail from around the country. Bells, which is one of the most highly regarded and respected breweries in the country, will have a presence. Cigar City Brewing, New Belgium, New Holland, and Terrapin Beer Company will be there as well.

If you’re looking for smaller breweries that you may not have heard of (and who isn’t as widely available as the other breweries listed), make sure to stop by booths for the likes of Urba South Brewery, Wasatch Brewery, The Unknown Brewing Company, The Southern Brewing Company, Sun King Brewery, New Sarum Salisbury Brewing Company, and New Anthem (just to name a few). 


The festival is designed for lovers of music and beer. However, the attractions are not only centered around these two activities. In fact, there are plenty of other events going on during the weekend to keep you entertained. 

If you love a good bike ride there is both a group ride and a road bike group ride. This is a great way to get some physical activity in before checking out the music and beers later in the day. 

You can also take part in the trail running, the paddle trip if you’ve been wanting to get out on the water, and even early morning yoga on Saturday. Sometimes there really is no better way to start the day then to open up your body and your mind with a yoga session. And don’t worry, if you haven’t been practicing your moves (or if you’re completely new to it), it is yoga for all experience levels. 


As the other half of the beer and music festival, there are plenty of acts taking place over the weekend to check out. 

Moon Taxi is one of the headliners. The group is celebrating its fifth record release (and it’s first since signing with RCA). So if you love a band with big sound and an infectious horns section, make sure to stop on by. Moon Taxi will close out the August 9 lineup (Travers Brothership and TAUK will perform before). 

On Saturday, the musical lineup begins with The Trongone Band, followed by Los Colognes, Empire Strikes Brass, Dangermuffin, and Here Come the Mummies.

Camping Options

One of the great features of a multi-night music festival is the ability to camp out. Burning Can isn’t as overcrowded as other music festivals, so if you haven’t liked camping out at locations such as Bonnaroo or Electric Forest you’ll have more room (and a better time) here. 

Currently, only tent camping (for $35) is available. Both Quiet Car and RV camping has been sold out. If you love the music festival, make sure to keep an eye out for 2020 announcements in advance. This way you can purchase your Creekside car or “Quiet Car” camping options for the following year. 

If you’re not much of a camper and would rather stay at a hotel, there are shuttles that run to and from The Sunset Motel, Hampton Inn Brevard, and the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. 

Some General Questions and Answers

Before you come out to the music festival it is important to brush up on some basic rules questions and answers

First, there will be no fires. This includes no charcoal grills. However, you can have a camp stove if you’d like (because sometimes you just need the morning bacon and eggs). 

All local, state, and federal laws are enforced and you are not allowed to bring in outside alcohol. So please follow all guidelines.

Make Your Reservations Today

If you’re anywhere near North Carolina and are looking for something to do this weekend, make sure to pick up your tickets for the Burning Can Festival today. It promises to be a fun and exciting time. And if you do make the trek out to the festival, stop on by the Tarpestry booth and say hi! The team would love to meet you and talk about where you’ve been and how tarps from Tarpestry could improve your experience.