Is there any better camping than beach camping? With the incredible views, the breeze coming off of the water, and the ability to sleep next to water, it really does take the regular camping experience to the next level. If you’re planning a beach camping trip there’s much to look forward to, but you’ll want to take advantage of our beach camping tips and tricks to make the most of it.

Know More About The Beach

This is where some people can find themselves in trouble. They see a beach, maybe even one off the beaten path, and decide to go camping. The problem here is not all beaches are sanctioned for beach camping. Last thing you want is for a park ranger or police officer tapping your tent with their flashlight in the middle of the night. Quick way to end what would have been a fun experience.

So first, make sure to check to see if camping is an option at the beach ahead of time. Second, you’ll want to look into whether you need a permit. Some beaches require permits to help avoid overcrowding, and to help pay for whatever maintenance the beach needs throughout the year.

While you’re looking into the permits, check the requirements for camping on the beach. Some locations will not let you build a fire, while others are fine with it. There might be a rule for how close you can park with your vehicle, and also where you can camp on the beach. Make sure to follow all of these requirements and you’ll be good to go.

Picking Out The Right Tent

You’ll need the right shelter for your camping experience. A tent is still the best way to go as it will protect you not only from the weather should it start to rain (or become real windy), but it will help keep the bugs out. Just go with a tent with plenty of windows. After all, one of the reasons you’re camping next to the water is to take in the enjoyable water breeze and smells.

A tent will also provide you with privacy. If there are other people camping on the beach you may want to have some walls. Of course, you can always go with the floorless shelter if you want a setup for eating out of the sun (or just lounging around). However, you’ll probably still want the walled structure for sleeping and for keeping certain items out of view from anyone else who might happen on the beach.

If you decide to go with a floorless shelter make sure to check out the selection of tarps for sale at Tarpestry. This way you can still have something dry to put down under your sleeping bags and air mattresses. Plus, it looks great and it is waterproof, in case the ground becomes damp at night.


It seems like such a simple topic, but when you’re camping on the beach it can be a bit tricker. You need to know how far away you’ll be forced to park and walk. If you can park right next to the beach that’s great, as it will be easier to carry all of your gear to the camp site. However, if you need to park a mile or two back, that’s a bit of a hike. Do you really want to walk miles just to lug all your gear? If so, you might want to alter the kind of equipment you carry (and go with a smaller cooler when necessary).

Ditch The Sand

Probably the biggest downside with camping on the beach is the sand. Sure, it’s fun and all, but sand, as you know, gets everywhere. You’re not going to want a sleeping bag full of sand. The best way to keep sand out is to put a tarp down under your tent. This will give you an added layer of protection. It will also help in case the ground becomes wet. Unless you’ve been on the beach at night or in the mornings before you might not realize just how cold and even damp the sand becomes. So put down your tarp from Tarpestry for the additional protective layer.

Building Your Campfire

Building a campfire on the beach can be a bit different than building a campfire in a traditional campsite. That’s because on the beach it’s more likely to be windy, so you’ll need to find material that will burn easier (and faster). To begin, dig a hole for the fire pit. Ideally, this hole will go down two feet. This will give you enough room to begin and to help keep the wind out of the fire. Once you have the fire going you can build it up.

While you can pick up firewood at a ranger station or other local store on your way, look for driftwood nearby. Driftwood, especially wood away from the water, will be dry and airy, which is perfect for a campfire. Pick up as much of this as you can. Once you have the fire going you can add the wood you picked up at the local store. The purchased wood will remain lit longer, but it does take longer to light, which is why the driftwood will prove beneficial.

Plenty Of Water

Always remember to bring plenty of water. You might be miles away from any store or water location, so stay hydrated during your beach camping trip by always having water on hand.

These are just a few of our favorite beach camping tips and tricks. As you spend time out on the sand and in the water, you’ll discover a few tricks of your own. Wherever you’re going, the most important tip though is to have fun. So get out there and have the time of your life. Just remember to check out Tarpestry for the latest and greatest beach and camping tarps for when you want to stand out and show off your personal side.