Fall time is a beautiful time in Live Oak, Florida. The weather has calmed down, the temperature has dropped while remaining comfortable, and it’s just a perfect time to be outside and enjoying the beautiful city. One of the ways you can get out and enjoy yourself during October is to check out the Suwannee Roots Revival. This music festival is set to take kick off on October 10 and last through the 13th. So whether you come for one day or the entire weekend, it’s the perfect family friendly event that you’ll remember for years to come. 

What Is The Suwannee Roots Revival?

The Suwannee Roots Revival is all about getting outside and spending time with more under the radar music. It’s bluegrass and folk. It’s country and it’s a bit of everything else in between. It’s the kind of music you tap your feet to and dance the night away with. It’s what you play when you’re having a campfire and talking with friends after a long day of work. This is the style of music for the people who just enjoy down to earth music that is all substance. You’ll hear instruments like the banjo, which often goes under utilized in other genres of music. 

If this is the kind of music you enjoy, the Suwannee Roots Revival is the perfect weekend for you. Even if you haven’t heard of all the bands you’ll quickly discover several favorites. The fourth annual festival is packed to the brim with dozens of bands hailing from all across the country. So whether you’ve gone to the festival before or this is your first time around, now is the perfect time to purchase your tickets and gear up for the festivities.

Suwanne Roots Revival Lineup

The Suwannee Roots Revival recently announced its full lineup for the festival. There are several dozen bands taking multiple stages throughout the course of the weekend. One of the best ways to prep yourself for the festival is to check out some of the musicians on YouTube and listen to their music. This way, you’ll know what stages to head to. Of course, you can also just go with the flow and follow the music that speaks to you. 

Some of the top acts you’ll enjoy at the festival include the Sam Bush Band, Del McCoury Band, Keller & The Keels, Samantha Fish, The Travelin’ McCourys, Peter Rowan, donna the Buffalo, We Banjo 3, The Lil Smokies, Jon Stickley Trio, Seth Walker, Verlon Thompson, and many, many more. For the full band lineup make sure to check out the Suwannee Roots Revival website. Here you’ll find the entire listing in addition to helpful insights on how to get to the music festival and other answers to important questions you might have. 

Suwannee Roots Revival Tickets

There are a number of ticket options to consider. If you’re interested in the full four-day weekend pass, the ticket currently costs $175. However, if you wait for the day-of to purchase the pass it will increase to $200. 

If you are a student or a member of the military the pass will cost $150 for the full weekend, or it will increase to $175 when you arrive at the gate to purchase the ticket. Do note that if you are purchasing a military or student ticket you’ll need to have a student or military ID when entering. If you don’t have your ID when entering with such a ticket you will be charge the added fee (to make it full price). 

If you are not able to check out the music festival every day or if there are only certain days you are interested in there are individual tickets you can purchase for each day. Thursday and Sunday tickets cost $50 each. The Friday and Saturday tickets cost $80 each. 

Camping At The Suwannee Roots Revival

If you are interested in camping for the entire festival there is ample camping options available. Throughout the grounds there are a number of locations you can set up camp. From bird sanctuary camping to horse camping, Hidden Woods camping, and camping out in the farm field, there are all kinds of camping opportunities for you to consider. The price of these different camping options will vary, based on the location. You can also reserve your own golf cart, which will make it easier to travel from the music venue to your campsite. To rent your own personal golf cart it will run $100, while day camping will run generally between $20 and $40. You are also able, if you are interested, to bring a pet. However, there is a pet registration fee of $200. 

Tarpestry is Exhibiting at Suwanne Roots Revival

Tarpestry will proudly have an exhibit at the Suwannee Roots Revival. The part tarp, part tapestry displays are perfect festival blankets. From going for a summer picnic to protecting tents at a spring music festival to everything else in between, the tarps are durable, designed to last, and feature beautiful works of art. This way, not only does everything from Tarpestry stand out from the bland, one-color tarps sold by other companies, but it makes it so much easier for you to spot your campsite in a crowded festival campground. So if you want to learn more and check out the products for yourself, make sure to stop by the Tarpestry exhibit while visiting the Suwannee Roots Revival festival. 

Get Ready For Your Mid-Fall Music Festival Experience

Mid-fall is the perfect time to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. At the Suwannee Roots Revival you’ll surround yourself with some of the best roots-based musicians in the world. So whether you know every single group listed on the recently announced Suwannee Roots Revival lineup or you just enjoy the music and haven’t a clue of band names, now is the perfect time to gear up and ready yourself for a weekend of fun at the 4th annual Suwannee Roots Revival. 

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