The first time we met Shakedown Goods was 2010 in the middle of the night at Wakarusa Music Festival in Arkansas….and the rest is history!  John and Wesli of Shakedown Goods have an amazing business.  It’s like a hippie emporium but so much more because they are artists with a passion for supporting other artisans.  They sell a wide range of amazing hand crafted goods like: original art hat pins and patches, band related dog collars and pet charms, leather/gemstone jewelry, Dope on a Rope soap, hemp lighter kits, some really REALLY cool socks and more!

That’s just the amazing stuff they sell!  John and Wesli have become some of our best friends over the years and it is inspiring to see them grow their business.  We have vended next to and shared booths with these guys, been through some pretty scary storms together, and have gone to countless Widespread Panic shows with them.  John and Wesli now run a successful traveling and online store that caters to a music loving, festivarian crowd and are a household name throughout the nation. We are very grateful to have this amazing couple in our lives and we’re stoked for the memories to come!

Check out Shakedown Goods!