Tarpestry Dog Mats

Dog laying on Tarpestry Mat

Stylish and Water-Resistant Outdoor Dog Mats and Blankets

Our original Tarpestrys were developed with picnic and outdoor festival loungers in mind, but guess who doesn’t like to be left out? The pups! While traditional Tarpestrys are great for sharing with the whole family including our furry friends, sometimes dogs need their own space too, which is why we developed our outdoor dog mat line. If you’re looking for a waterproof dog mat, these are 100% water-resistant and super easy to tote and clean. Keep in your back seat as a cushion protector, then toss in your tote or pack to bring comfort and style to your canine pal on all your adventures.

Doubles as a Duvet

There’s more. Our mats double as a dog bed duvet cover! The zippered edge means you can stuff the mat with old blankets or cushy cloth to create superior comfort, protected by an easily washable water-resistant outer cover.

Duvet cover for dog bed
Dog laying on dog mat

Dog Mat Details

Our dog mats and outdoor blankets include a zipper closure. The upper portion and base is made from water-repellent and UV-resistant polyester. Sizes include standard and jumbo. The standard dog mat is ideal for small and medium dogs and measures 3’ x 2.5’. The jumbo size fits most large and extra large dogs or even multiple smaller pets and measures 4.5’ x 3’.

Additional Features

Dog on dirty dog mat


Easy to clean is probably the #1 most important feature of a functional outdoor dog mat. Our products are built for maximum ease of cleaning. They are fully machine washable or just hang it up, spray it down, hose it off, and wipe it down. Leave out to dry, and bingo – easy, simple, clean dog mat ready to go.

Dog standing on durable dog mat for car


We’re talking dogs. Durability is KEY. Tarpestry uses a superior polyester material that is both water-resistant, like a tarp, and UV-resistant, so the vibrancy of colors will last. Take camping, to the beach, or on the road. Your pup will thank you for years to come.

dog pulling man on skateboard with dog mat


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