Music Festivals

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Music festivals and festivals in general have made a huge comeback over the past decade and have become a large part of mainstream culture. From Woodstock to Ultra and Bonnaroo, festivals have become more than a gathering to catch your favorite artists. They’ve become a uniting experience for people from all different walks of life, can be life-changing and can be the catalyst for a lifetime of friendships. If you’ve ever been to a life-changing festival, you know the euphoric experience of what it’s like to become one with those around you.

Despite how amazing a festival experience can be, it doesn’t come without its challenges. Well-seasoned festival goers will tell you that just as important as the event itself, are the logistics behind what can really turn your festival experience from one that’s memorable to one that you will want to fondly talk about every day for a for the rest of your life. Everything from your travel plans to what you bring can shape the memories you create and carry with you. Here at Tarpestry, we truly believe that our festival tarps can help create the atmosphere that will be a positive part of your festival memories for a lifetime. Our festival tarps are half tarp, half Tarpestry and are designed with the experience a festival goer in mind.

Benefits of a Tarpestry Festival Tarp

Design and Self-Expression

Music festivals and festivals are a place for creativity, freedom and self-expression. The designs on our festival tarps, along with those of our partnered artists, embody that. We also offer the ability for you to take your self-expression further with full personal customization of your Tarpestry to your liking. Just send a design our way and we can make it happen.


One thing we know about most festival goers is that they rarely end up going to just one festival. With a tough UV resistant polyester base, our music festival blankets are built to last and withstand ongoing festival usage and are designed to be a longtime companion on many of your festivals-to-come.

Water Repellent

Music festivals are often an exercise in preparedness. If there’s a slight chance that Mother Nature will rear her head in the forecast, it’s often wise to prepare for the worst. However, even if the worst never comes, at the least, you may have to put up with wet grass or a slightly wet and dirty field. Sitting in wet grass or a dirty field still isn’t ideal though. Our festival tarps are designed to be water repellent so that wet grass, dirt or less than ideal elements on the ground should never have to take much away from the enjoyment of your festival experience.

Relax in Comfort

Constantly standing up at stages or putting up with the heat can take a toll on you. Knowing when to rest and resting comfortably at a festival is just as important as having fun. Our Tarpestry festival tarps provide you with a refuge and a place to comfortably rest when you need it. With a Tarpestry like The Classic, and its soft cotton upper side, you can be rest assured that you and a group of other festival goers can rest, relax and recover before making plans to catch your next favorite act.

Low Maintenance

Music festivals and festivals can sometimes get a little dirty really quick. Like any other tarp or blanket, after going through so much festival usage and running into so many outside elements, a Tarpestry eventually must be dusted or cleaned. Thankfully, our Tarpestry festival tarps are low maintenance and can simply be dusted or rinsed off with a hose if they’re dirty. And if it looks like it needs a wash, it simply needs to be given the same care that you would any other tarp.

Size and Lightweight

You always want to be prepared for whatever may come your way when attending a music festival. However, we do believe that there is a fine line between being prepared enough and being overly prepared. Carrying too many things or lugging around too much weight can be a drag on your festival experience. Thankfully, our Tarpestry festival tarps are lightweight and can easily be rolled up into a portable size to where they are the least of your concerns. And if you want to go as compact as possible, The Mini is the perfect solution where every bit of ounce and size matters.

Find the Perfect Music Festival Blanket for You

Whether you want a festival blanket that’s small and portable, rugged and tough or fully personalized to suit your self-expression, we have a diverse selection of festival tarps here at Tarpestry that are made just for you. Whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of our festival tarps to be a part of your next music festival or festival adventure.