There are plenty of ways to DIY sun shades for boats, but some solutions are more practical and aesthetically pleasing than others. If you’re a no-frills get-it-done kind of person, a typical tarp will do the job. The pitfall with generic tarps, however, is that it won’t take long on the water in high-speed winds for the tarp to tatter and fray – and make that terrible flapping sound.

Tarpestry offers boat-friendly sun shade tarps that are thick enough to weather the weather, including wind, water, and sun. They are water-resistant, UV-resistant, and fade-resistant. At around $150 – $200 a pop, Tarpestrys are a great low-cost DIY boat sun shade option that will last year after year.

Shade Covers for Pontoon Boats or Speed Boats

While many speed boats and pontoon boats have a canopy that will block some overhead sun, if you’re boating all day you’ll experience direct sun from multiple angles. Tarpestrys come with between four and ten grommets that allow you to easily use bungee cords or rope to fasten them to different sides of your speed boat or pontoon boat frame to maximize shade. Tarpestry boat sun shades are particularly beneficial for the little ones.

DIY Sunshade on Boat

Decorative Sun Shade

Tarpestrys come in a host of fun patterns and designs. As the name suggests, Tarpestrys were designed to combine the beauty of Tapestries with the functionality of a high-quality and durable tarp. 

Many sunshades designed specifically for boats are monotone and bland. When you DIY your own boat shade solution you don’t have to settle. Make it fun!  

Sun shade on beach with boat

A Versatile Solution

If you’re going through the effort to DIY your boat sunshade why not consider a multi-purpose solution? If you use bungee cords or rope to tie your Tarpestry to your boat, unhooking it should be fairly simple. When you boat up to an island or a beach, the Tarpestry doubles as a beach mat or picnic blanket.

Tarp ground cover on beach