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Outdoor Sports Blanket

School soccer field with fans in bleachers using Tarpestry

Outdoor sporting events and outdoor activities can be as unpredictable as they are exciting. There’s not too much more exciting for many people who regularly attend sporting events than the anticipation, the build-up and the emotional roller-coaster ride that your support for your favorite team can put you through. No matter the outcome of the game, we believe that sporting events are more than just a game. They’re a place where family, friends and colleagues can get together, socialize and nurture their relationships. Creating the right atmosphere and packing the right things to a sporting event can make the experience more memorable for everyone–from the food that you pack, to the chairs, blankets and tarps that you bring. Here at Tarpestry, we believe that our tarps can serve as the best blanket for outdoor sporting events and can provide a place to relax and socialize beyond the game. Beyond socializing and relaxing, our tarps here at Tarpestry can offer you so much next time you decide to bring one as a companion to your next sporting event.

Benefits of a Tarpestry Outdoor Sports Blanket

Design and Self-Expression

The designs on our stadium blankets and outdoor sports blankets, along with those of our partnered artists, are hip, unique and really make you stand out next time you’re out at the pitch catching your favorite local sports team. We also give the ability for you to take your support even further and fully customize your Tarpestry with your favorite sports team or sporting organization. Let us know what custom design you want, send it over and we can make your idea into a creation.


Depending on how many sports teams you follow, or how many different types of teams you support locally, sporting events for anyone can occur from once a week over the course of several months to multiple times a week year-round. No matter your schedule, our Tarpestry, especially The Rugged, is the best outdoor sports blanket you could have when you as you go through the course of different sporting seasons—whether it be soccer, football, softball or anything else.

Water Repellent

Wet grass and dirty fields are no strangers to outdoor sports. Mother Nature will sometimes make a random and unwelcome appearance in the middle of a sweltering hot afternoon during a soccer or a baseball game. Leaving you with a damp field once the storm blows away and the game goes back in full swing.

Tarpestry is there for you. Instead of standing around in wet grass or sitting on a damp set of bleachers, our water repellent tarps can play defense and help keep you dry from the ground elements once Mother Nature has gone and run its course.

Low Maintenance

Going to so many sporting events over the course of the year can get your Tarpestry dirty quick. Like any other tarp or blanket, after going through so running into so many outside elements at so many sporting events, a Tarpestry eventually must be dusted or cleaned. Thankfully, our Tarpestry tarps are low maintenance and can simply be dusted or rinsed off with a hose if they’re dirty.

And if it looks like it needs a wash, it simply needs to be given the same care that you would any other tarp. If you want to continue to keep dry in damp conditions over the course of a season or several seasons, though, we highly recommend conditioning your Tarpestry several times over the course of the year so that it’s prepared to stay water repellent before you’re at your next game.

Relax in Comfort

Constantly standing up at a sporting event, cheering your team on or putting up with weather extremes can take a toll on you over the course of several hours. Knowing when to take it easy, relax and rest at a sporting event is just as important as giving your team your full support.

Our Tarpestry tarps provide you with a place to comfortably rest, take a pause and enjoy the company of your friends, other supporters, and maybe even supporters of the other team when your body calls for it. With a Tarpestry like The Classic, and its cozy cotton upper side, you can be rest assured that you and a group of other supporters can rest, relax, recover and enjoy the company of each other before getting back up and cheering on your favorite team again.

Size and Lightweight

You always want to be prepared and ready for the outdoors and whatever it may throw at you whenever you’re planning to attend a sporting event. However, we do believe that being too prepared and bringing more with you than you can comfortably carry can put a damper on your experience before you’ve even had the chance to watch the game and support your team.

Here at Tarpestry, our sports tarps are designed so that they be compactly stowed away, carried and easily sprawled out when you’re ready to settle and make your claim of space. Additional weight and a heavier load are the least of your concerns with a Tarpestry. And if you must go as light as possible, The Mini can give you a smaller alternative should your packing needs call for it.

Find the Best Blanket for Outdoor Sporting Events

Our outdoor sports blankets are compact, cozy and ready for the outdoors. And if you want to take things a step further with our designs and your support for your teams or organizations, we can give you the opportunity for that custom printed Tarpestry to happen. Whichever Tarpestry you choose, you can be rest assured that it’s ready to be there with you at your next sporting event.


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