Top Tips for Hiking with Baby

When you are an adventurer you don’t simply stop because you had a baby. You have a drive to get outside and to have fun in the great outdoors. Of course, you might not be able to take some of the extreme hikes you might have used to, but it doesn’t mean you need to stop all together. In fact, you can still go hiking with your baby with some easy tips for hiking with baby. The sounds of nature and the crisp, clean air will do your little tyke good. Of course, hiking with your baby will require a few adjustments to what you can take (and likely how far you can go). To help, here are a few tips for hiking with baby and even how to change a diaper on a hike.

Some Top Tips for Hiking with Baby

Invest In Quality Baby Gear

The best way to hike with a baby is for your child to be strapped to your back. You don’t want to be carrying your baby around, as this is not only tiresome but dangerous for your child. Additionally, you don’t want your baby strapped to your chest. If you were to slip and fall you are more likely to slip and fall onto your chest. Instead, opt for a quality baby carrier that secures your baby to your back. This not only gives your baby a great view of everything (which will help keep them entertained), but it will place them in the safest spot possible. Now, there are times where having your baby on your chest may be desirable. If the sun is at your back you will want to place your baby on your chest. It is also alright to place them at your chest if they are sleeping. The warmth from your chest and the beat of your heart are soothing. Just make sure to do this when the ground is flat.

Consider Your Hiking Trail

Sure, there might be a handful of hiking trails you’ve been wanting to check out, but the fact of the matter is not all trails are optimal when you have a baby present. A steep trail that is a distance away from civilization might sound great, but your baby is more than a 20 pound weight attached to your torso. So you need to select trails that are easier to climb and, realistically, are shorter (especially when first starting out with baby hiking). You should also find hiking trails that are not too far off the beaten path. If something were to happen to your child you don’t want to be 100 miles from help. So while you can still go hiking with your baby you should still select your trails wisely.

Consider What You’re Bringing With You

You need a number of items for your baby when out and about. Look at what is inside your diaper bag. Not only do you have a change of diapers and clothing but you’ll have some toys, clothes, bottles, formula, and all kinds of odds and ends. It is important for you to have all of these items on hand, plus additional items you might need when on the trail. Having all of these items will dig into the amount of space you normally have to go hiking and camping with. Plus, because your baby will be strapped to your back or chest you will have less space to carry everything. With all of this in mind, you’ll need to pack the crucial necessities for your own hiking trip. And, if you go camping, you’ll probably want a location where you can park your car at the campsite. This way you’ll have everything you need and you’ll be able to head off quickly, should you ever need to go to the doctor or hospital without much notice.

How To Change A Diaper On A Hike

You will find the need to change your baby at some point on the hike. If you’re going on a very short hike you might be able to make it back to the car, but chances are you won’t discover your baby needs a change within a five-minute walk of the car. Due to this, you will need to be able to change a diaper while on the trail. Thankfully, it isn’t all that different to do this than if you were changing your baby on the ground back at home. First, you’ll want to bring a wet-dry bag with you. There likely won’t be a place readily available for you to dispose of the diapers, so having this kind of bag on hand is important. It also helps prevent the lingering funk of a dirty diaper from hitting your nose with every step. The wet-dry bag will help prevent this. Ideally you’ll have a few of these bags. This way you can store the dirty diapers in one bag and if you have dirty clothing from spit-ups you can place these items in another bag. Now, you’ll need something soft and dry to place your baby on. Of course, it isn’t always possible to guarantee the ground itself will be dry. In this instance, you’ll want to first put down something such as a folded tarp. This will give you a dry work space that will keep you, your baby, and the diaper changing items dry. You can find a wide selection of great tarps at Tarpestry. From here, place a towel down. Something that is soft that your baby can rest his or her head on. Now, with everything set up you can go about changing their diaper just as you would if you were at home. Just make sure to take care of the diaper and take it with you after done changing. You don’t want to leave the dirty diaper in the woods or at your camping site.

Prepare For Your Hiking Adventure

These are just some of the tips for hiking with baby and how to change a diaper on a hike. Follow these tips for hiking with baby and remember you will need a number of clothing and protective objects with you that you wouldn’t have used without your newborn with you on the hike. That is why you need to invest in quality items for your baby and to improve the hiking experience. Tarpestry sells a wide range of tarps that can be used to protect your gear, your tent, and your baby from the rain and to keep everyone dry and happy throughout the day. So, if you’re interested in a tarp that is not only durable but a work of art, make sure to check out the wide selection available at