Tarpestry Care: How To Stuff Sack

They seem small enough, but most Tarpestrys weigh in at three and a half hefty pounds. Without proper handling, these things can get heavy! Carrying this load under your arm all the way from your campsite to the main stage can become a seriously sweaty upper arm workout.  Well suffer no longer, friends, because Team Tarpestry is here to help!

Don’t feel like rolling and strapping your Tarpestry?  Stuff it!  Four straps with buckles allow for even compression and a handy grab handle on top for transporting.  The Tarpestry Stuff Sack is a quick way of packing up your Tarpestry, nice and small. You will be amazed how compact your Tarpestry can get. Stuff it and save more room in your backpack for more important stuff…like beer.  

We use the standard size for a tight pack with the Classic and Rugged Styles. The Jumbo size is an easier but not as compact stuff for Fleece, Classic and Rugged Styles.

Option 1: Stuff, stuff, stuff, then pull the drawstring and tighten the buckles.


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