Universal Shaman by Jeff Wood

Meet the newest member of our Artist Series: Universal Shaman!  This native-inspired work of art is designed by legendary artist Jeff Wood.  The original artwork was featured on Widespread Panic’s 2011 Red Rocks show poster.  Universal Shaman is our second collaboration with Jeff Wood.  A few years ago we made a run of Tarpestrys from his “Red Hot Mama” design.  

The Tarpestrys from our “Artist Series” are the ultimate in quality thanks to the upper fabric.  We take high resolution images of artist’s designs and have them digitally printed on sturdy poplin (poly/cotton blend) fabric.  This printing process creates a UV/fade resistant fabric that will last for years and years.  Add that to our weather-resistant base and you have the ultimate Tarpestry!

The Universal Shaman won’t last long, shop now!

Earth Day

We like to treat every day like Earth Day at Tarpestry!  We work hard to have an eco-conscious and sustainable business and are always brainstorming ways to be better – because we love the Earth! We’re super fans of playing in nature, whether in the woods, at the beach or just taking a stroll through a city park.  There’s symbiosis between us humans and the Earth and getting out there and being in nature helps us to understand the true connection.  

For this Earth Day we plan to celebrate by getting out into nature and enjoying it’s splendor.  We often take a Classic Tarpestry out into the woods and find a nice quiet place to sit and watch and listen.  What starts as a quiet sit in the woods is soon filled with chirps of the birds, rustling of the leaves, and other wildlife scurrying around.  Laying down and closing our eyes next to a stream is one of the most comforting feelings we have found.  So, this Earth Day to we invite you to join us by taking your Tarpestry out into nature to reconnect with the Earth!

See our Sustainability page to learn how we are striving do our best for the Earth.

101 Ways to Tarpestry: Meditation

Life can be stressful. We live in a fast-paced world full of technology, traffic, media…talk about sensory overload!  Sometimes it helps to be still and reset. We use meditation to find the calm center in this business of life. Meditating outside is wonderful, but sometimes even Mother Nature can bring distractions.  The ground can be wet or poke you with sticks and rocks when you’re looking for a nice place to sit and relax.  Grab a Mini Tarpestry for your next meditation session and you will have one less thing to worry about.

Find a nice quiet spot, lay down your Tarpestry and take a seat.  Focus on the constant flow of your breath. It shouldn’t take too long before you can find your peace of mind in nature and start to zen out.  Be at peace with nature and yourself and let the stress of the day roll off your shoulders.  Ahhh.  Feeling better already!  When you’re done, roll up your Tarpestry and continue on with a calm center.