Returning Artist: Phil Lewis

When we met Phil Lewi at a small music festival in Nederland, Colorado we were immediately blown away by his talent. Little did we know we were in the presence of a local legend who not only creates amazing artwork but has also cultivated a healthy and thriving art environment in the Boulder/Denver area. A place for artists to collaborate, showcase, and commune.  His art has been featured at multiple large scale music festivals and he puts his art on endless creative mediums including coffee canteens, laptops, puzzles, frisbees and outdoor festival tarp blankets. 

Phil Lewis

Nature Connection

Much of the artwork of Phil Lewis is based on nature and often captivate places we’ve personally visited and animals we feel fond of.  Phil focuses a lot of his artistic energy on nature but also finds inspiration in the true beauty of art and creation itself. Here are some words from Phil himself:

Throughout my life I have felt a special connection with nature, and being outdoors inspires me to create. The amazing scenery in Colorado has certainly fueled this inspiration, and the surrounding landscapes appear frequently in my work. In addition to drawing the things I see around me, I also like to draw the things I come up with on my own. To imagine is the most fun.”


Working with Phil has been such a blessing and and we are so honored to have done 4 large Tarpestry runs with Phil’s artwork over the last 5 years.  As mentioned earlier, Phil is busy cultivating the Colorado art scene and helping burgeoning artists take their turns in the spotlight. Phil often hosts artist showcases in his studio in Boulder with the likes of artists we have worked with and are currently collaborating with such as Chris Huang and Sweet Melis.  The opportunity to see all of this amazing talent under one roof is certainly something special.  

Bringing it Back

We are presenting our second run of “Sunshine Daydream”.  This was the first image we printed with Phil and we are excited to bring it back by popular demand. This is what Phil says about this piece: “Part sequel, part evolution, this piece is further development of the ideas and techniques from my Sugar Magnolia collage. I enjoyed creating that piece so much, I felt it deserved another go.For this piece I used characters and landscapes from my most recent work, and a few other pieces that never made it into Sugar Mag, to bring together a radical expression of color and symmetry. This is my love for Photoshop at it’s most insane.”

We are huge fans of this piece and it really means a lot to us to hear about how people find such a strong connection with Phil’s art and their ability to take a durable outdoor blanket with his images on their journeys and adventures.  Phil Lewis has been a great influence in teaching us how to resonate with nature and art and has helped open the door to such a strong and vibrant art community. Thank you Phil, we look forward to growing our partnership for many years to come!