Returning Artist: Chris Huang

The first time we met Chris Huang was when we were setting up at the Lyons Outdoor Market in Lyons, Colorado.  Chris was the curator/host of the market and planned it up to be more than a traditional farmers market as he invited unique crafters and artists to sell as well.  While setting up that morning we saw that Chris and his family were also setting up a booth – featuring his incredible art. Being sticker enthusiasts, we were quick to snag a few of his stickers for our van, cooler, water bottles and everywhere else we could think to stick one!

Chris Huang


Fast forward to 201, Carrie and I could facilitate bringing on more artists into our Epic Tarpestry line.  We wanted to collaborate with Chris for years and we were finally able to make it happen. The hardest part (only hard part) about working with Chris is making a decision about which image to print and put on our outdoor blankets. Check out his portfolio on his website it is all just incredible. Piece after piece.

From his bio: “Chris Huang creates much of his artwork with colored pencil and ink on wood. The work reflects our connection with the natural world and is often represented through mandala, plant, animal, and human imagery. Though the art is meticulously hand-crafted, it is truly a labor of love and an opportunity for the artist to express and connect with higher, cosmic ideals and concepts. He has shown in galleries throughout the southwest states as well as in California. He currently resides in Boulder, CO with his wife and children.”

Art to Enlighten

Highly inspired by nature, Chris has a unique southwest style that flirts with the supernatural side of life.  We have been taken away by multiple pieces of Chris’s art and he continues to produce creations that are inspirational on so many levels.  This all makes sense given some insight from Chris himself: 

Inner realities are discovered through introspection.  The seeds of new concepts can take root and grow there.  As an artist, I attempt to cultivate the subconscious realm and reveal them for the public.  Ultimately, I think art should strive to enlighten- to bring one closer to a truth, to the heart of one’s nature.  It can and should reach beyond the mass appeal of popular culture’s trends while defying manufactured hype and constant self-indulgence.  I believe art can truly expand consciousness if it’s intention is to reflect ideas greater than oneself. “

How the West Was One

We are truly honored to be collaborating with Chris again and are proudly reprinting “How the West was One”.  This piece features a western desert scape with a buffalo and a starry eyed vision of the supernatural world that is beyond us but that lives within us as well.  We currently have this piece hanging over our bed. Thank you Chris for this creative collaboration and we are so honored to work with you and get to share your art with you.