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The Mini is about half the size of other traditional Tarpestries and provides a lightweight hiking blanket option. The Mini also makes a great baby changing blanket because it is not only lightweight, but also made of UV resistant and water repellent polyester material. The Mini is our lightweight hiking blanket and is super packable and lightweight. When hiking, it is important to pack just the essentials so having a lightweight hiking blanket is made of water repellant and UV resistant material is an ideal choice! The Mini series is stylish and practical with all the great features of our classic Tarpestry, but smaller and easier to carry in your favorite hiking backpack!

UPPER: Water repellent/UV resistant polyester, BASE: Water repellent/UV resistant polyester, SIZE: 4.5′ x 3′

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If you’re a parent, you’ll love The Mini to use as a stylish alternative to other traditional baby changing pads and blankets on the market. The Mini’s lightweight design will fit in your diaper bag, is water repellent in case of any accidents while changing your little one’s diaper and can be easily washed to keep it clean! The Mini includes all the same great features that our other Tarpestries have, but is a more portable and hiking friendly option!