Our Rugged Tarpestry fits in perfectly wherever outdoor people get together. Whether it’s by a campfire or at an outdoor festival, the water repellent on both sides of the tarp makes The Rugged Tarpestry the perfect water repellent festival blanket or the perfect accessory for your next outdoors adventure. The Rugged Tarpestry is light-weight and comes in the same unique designs as our other offerings. The Rugged Tarpestry can be easily rolled up, carried around or kept in the back of your car so that way you’re ready for any random outdoor fun or adventure which may come your way. It also serves as a great primary blanket or an excellent back-up blanket when you want to be ready for whatever mother nature might throw your way at your next camping, festival, or outdoors adventure.

Our Rugged Tarpestry is ready to claim your next space of damp grass, protect you from the rain, be used an extra layer of cover on a cold night outdoors, and more. The Rugged Tarpestry is weather-resistant on BOTH sides–providing twice the durability. It’s the ultimate lake, river and beach blanket and can wipe away spills with ease. With our unique designs, The Rugged is more than just a visual statement and much more than just a rugged blanket or a rugged tarp. Built with water repellent and UV resistant polyester, The Rugged is portable, low maintenance, built to last and ready for nearly anything you want to throw at it.

UPPER: Water repellent/UV resistant polyester
BASE: Water repellent/UV resistant polyester
SIZE: 7.5′ x 4.5′