best picnic blanketIf you’ve ever been on a picnic, you know that it can be so fun and relaxing to have a nice meal in nature with friends or family.  You also have to plan ahead to bring all the right items that will guarantee you have a wonderful time. You have to pack a cooler for all your food and drinks, picnic safe glassware, plates, napkins and utensils, and of course, you need a picnic blanket! Our Tarpestry blankets make the best picnic blankets. Most of our designs are water repellent, UV resistant and stylish – the perfect outdoors blanket!

What’s a Tarpestry?

A Tarpestry is made of half tarp material and half tapestry material. Traditional tarps are boring, have zero customization, lack style and don’t feel very comfortable. However, the Tarpestry, unites artistic designs that a traditional tapestry offers with vibrant color with all the performance and practicality of a tarp. The Tarpestry makes for the best picnic blanket and companion. The Tarpestry has lots of picnic uses such as:

  • The ideal picnic blanket for eating your favorite food 
  • Doubles as a placemat for your small children after eating
  • A comfy and stylish blanket for lounging and drinking your favorite beverages on grass

Picnic Tarp Benefits

Now that you know that the Tarpestry makes the perfect picnic blanket, let’s talk about all of the the Tarpestry’s benefits.


The Tarpestry is durable because of the type of material it is made of and because it is easy to clean and washable. We recommend you store your Tarpestry away from moisture to preserve its durability for years to come.

Water Repellent

Although the Tarpesty is not waterproof, it is extremely water repellent. You can lay it on the moist grass at the park, and relax if you happen to spill some water or spill a drink on it while enjoying your picnic. Its water repellent properties also make it an ideal picnic blanket if you’re bringing your kids along for the fun in case they accidentally spill something.


Usually, you would plan a picnic on a sunny day. That is why the Tarpestry being UV-resistant is super important. Not all of our Tarpestry’s are, but most do have this feature. If you are buying the Tarpestry to use as a picnic blanket, be sure to check out our options that are UV-resistant. We recommend going with the Rugged Series or even Artist Series tarps as an ideal picnic blanket choice. Again, if you’re bringing your children to the park for your picnic, the UV-resistant picnic blankets tarps might be the best way to go. If your little one enjoys books or falls asleep for a nap while you’re out on your picnic, you can feel confident that they are napping under optimum sunlight protection.

Tarpestry Styles & Sizes

Our Tarpestry blankets come in a variety of designs, styles and even sizes. As recommended earlier, the ideal Tarpestry picnic blanket would be found under our Artist Series or the Rugged Series because they are both water repellent and UV-resistant.  Each of our collections and series of Tarpestry’s have unique artistic designs. The Artist Series features digitally printed works of artists we love and admire. The Rugged Series is water repellent on both sides so it makes it an ideal choice as a picnic blanket.  Our Tarpestry picnic blankets are designed for outdoor use and make the perfect picnic companion providing stylish, unique designs and practical materials made for your to have a relaxing time while eating your favorite picnic meal and drinking your favorite beverage. Because we offer various designs, you’ll be sure to find a Tarpestry blanket that fits your own style and taste.

Handcrafted in North Carolina

You’ll be pleased to know that the Tarpestry is handcrafted right in North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s of the utmost value to the Tarpestry Team to produce these picnic blankets right here in the United States. We ran and created the Tarpestry in Denver, Colorado in 2011 starting in our garage then in our basement. Tarpestries were hand cut and sewn just outside the city. Nowadays, we have an office set up right outside of Boone, NC and found a local manufacturer in the Blue Ridge Mountains that creates our beautiful Tarpestry products.  We are proud of our humble beginnings and Colorado roots and are excited for Tarpestry to continue to grow in the mountains of Appalachia – Tarpestry was born in Colorado and built in the Blue Ridge.

Shop for the Best Picnic Blanket Now!

The Tarpestry is the best picnic blanket and tarp to go to your favorite park or grassy area for your next picnic! Have a look at our special unique designs, multiple dimensions and vast features to select the perfect Tarpestry picnic blanket for you!