New Artist Collaboration: Sweet Melis

Over the years we have steadily met with more and more artists and have had the privilege to work with them too.  We have learned that one of the best ways to find new artists is by following and talking to artists we already know. Last year at Floyd Fest music festival, while vending next to TRIPPs prints (a long time friend), we were talking about looking for artists and specifically female artists. Sweet Melis was the first artist they said and we were so excited that they knew about her.

Introducing New Artist Collaboration

Sweet Melis

So without further ado (and quite a bit overdue) we’re introducing the first female artist to the Tarpestry Epic line! Please welcome the extremely talented Sweet Melis!  We have been following Sweet Melis on social media for the past few years and have really fallen in love with her art. She does a lot of live paintings and collaborates with other artists we have admired over the years.  

When we connected with Sweet Melis about a potential collaboration, she was setting up an installation at Phil Lewis’ studio in Boulder, Colorado (another artist we have and continue to work with).  The stars were seeming to align on this project! During the opening of her exhibition she got to talk to Chris Huang (yet another of our favorite artists) about this collaboration and it turns out they are friends too.  The world gets smaller everyday. Fittingly the piece we decided to go with for this collaboration is entitled “To See a World That Goes Round”.  

From the Artist

“I am passionately living a dream of constant creation. I am inspired by the earth and the sky, by color and design. I want to project the beauty of nature and its synchronicity in my work. I want people to see the beauty I see in this world, to feel it, to live presently in it.”

Looking Forward

We are grateful for this collaboration with Sweet Melis and look forward to cultivating this partnership for years to come! See the finished Tarpestry here.