The Ultimate List of the Best Gift Ideas for Music Festival Lovers

Are you constantly on the lookout for the perfect holiday gift for a music festival lover? If you’ve not as avid of a music festival goer as they are chances are you probably don’t know what they might need. We’ve got you covered. We’ve listed some great gift ideas for the music festival goer in your life below, but enter your email below to download our guide to get some more of best gift ideas for music festival lovers! Check your email for a download link!

tent finder

Tent Finder

Trying to find one tent in a mass of tents is like finding a needle in a stack of needles. But with a tent finder this becomes a little bit easier. This is one of the lesser expensive music festival gifts but it’s one that every festival goer will love.

Tarpestry Tarp

A tarp has a million uses when going to a music festival. From instant shelter to preventing a tent from
soaking up rain and mud. But it’s also a festival, so going with a bland blue or green tarp isn’t the way to
go. Instead, the fun designs from Tarpestry help maintain the music festival vibe while keeping the tarp


Bluetooth Speakers

You never know what might happen at a music festival (or what the weather might bring). Waterproof Bluetooth speakers helps ensure the music is always playing, no matter the situation.

Solar Lanterns & LED Rechargeable Lanterns

Portable lights burn through battery power. And lugging around a dozen different massive batteries isn’t
always the best use of space. With a solar lantern the light can charge during the day and be ready for
use at night.

battery powered camp shower

Battery Powered Camp Shower

Taking a shower isn’t always the easiest thing to do while at a music festival. Sure, some locations do have offered showers, but these are often few and far between. Relying on baby wipes might work for wiping down hands and faces, but it doesn’t help all that much after a night of jumping and dancing to music. This is basically a shower head attached to a garden hose, which has a small pump generator at the bottom. This will pump water out of a source container (such as melted ice water in a cooler) through the shower head. It’s a nice option for taking a quick shower. It also doesn’t take up much space, which makes it that much better to take to the festival.

Portable Cooler with Speakers

Sure, a portable cooler is a good thing to have when keeping beverage and food cold. But why not have the cooler double as a sound system?

By purchasing a portable cooler with speakers the cooler will function as a Bluetooth speaker and as a portable cooler all in one. It helps save important space and it makes sure tunes are never far from the food and drink.

portable cooler with speakers


There are a number of fans you could gift with this idea. There are portable fans that run off of batteries. These are great for festival goers when they’re standing around in a large group of humanity.

With a camping fan the device can hang from the ceiling of the tent and offer a great breeze. Many of these fans also have a light feature.

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