Music Festivals and Concerts

Heading to an outdoor venue or festival? Use your Tarpestry to keep dry on the concert lawn and rope up at tailgate or your campsite. The grommets allow you to easily create some shelter from the sun, rain and other elements by attaching to a tree or vehicle.

Camping & Backpacking

Damp ground? Keep yourself comfortable and dry while sitting on a Tarpestry. Use The Mini with it’s smaller size and less weight for those excursions into the backcountry. The Classic for more size and uses when car camping. It’s the perfect welcome mat and shoe drop outside the tent. Plus, make shade or shelter anywhere!


The Tarpestry is the perfect separation between you and hot sand. The Rugged is the ultimate beach blanket – the upper fabric is water-repellent and UV treated! Use the Tarpestry’s grommets to hang from your shade tent or use tent poles in the sand to construct your own shade out of the Tarpestry. Also, stake down in the sand on a breezy day!

Outdoors & Sports

Ready to tailgate before the big game? Headed to watch the family play down at the local park? The Rugged is perfect for table covers – simply wipe off spills! Also, hang one from your canopy for crucial shade. Then keep your butt dry on the wet bleachers!


The Tarpestry is perfect for outings at the park! Bring your Tarpestry as a seat, to provide shade, or a table cover. The durable base can be laid over rough picnic tables made of concrete without the worry of damage. The water-repellent upper fabric of The Rugged will make cleanup a breeze. Plus, no more hauling chairs across the park!


Tarpestry Dog Bed Duvet Covers can be found in various standard and jumbo sizes to accommodate all different dogs. With Tarpestry Dog Bed Duvet Covers, it’s simple to fill your dog bed duvet cover into the perfect density for your dog. Your dog will think he is getting a brand-new mattress and you also get to help minimize waste.