Get to Know the Mini

We call it the hiker, the one-pounder, or the two seater.  But don’t let the “Mini” name fool you, this Tarpestry packs possibility!  The Mini is around half the size of the full-size Tarpestry and weighs in at just one pound. We make the Mini in the Rugged style so this durable Tarpestry is fit for any adventure and any season.  

The Mini fits perfectly in the side pocket of a backpack and doesn’t weigh you down on long hikes. When you need to take a break on the trail, just pull out the Tarpestry for a comfortable seat.  If you’re hiking with a friend there’s enough room for two. To see how we use the Mini on ski and snowboarding days, see our blog post.

At home the Mini can be your new best tool. We’ve laid the Mini over our windshield to protect from hail and ice, laid it under the car for a quick oil change, used it for hauling firewood, and even as a baby changing blanket! If you’re ready to take the Tarpestry Life to the next level, shop the Mini here!

P.S. An Artist Series edition of Mini is in the works!