tips for hiking with baby

Top Tips for Hiking with Baby

When you are an adventurer you don’t simply stop because you had a baby. You have a drive to get outside and to have fun in the great outdoors. Of course, you might not be able to take some of the extreme hikes you might have used to, but it doesn’t mean you need to stop all together. In fact, you can still go hiking with your baby with some easy tips for hiking with baby. The sounds of nature and the crisp, clean air will do your little tyke good. Of course, hiking with your baby will require a few adjustments to what you can take (and likely how far you can go). To help, here are a few tips for hiking with baby and even how to change a diaper on a hike.

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how to recover from a hike

How to Recover from a Hike

Going on a long hike is a great way to cut loose from all the drags of modern living. Removing yourself from the stress of work and the weight of digital technology, there’s just something about getting back to nature and spending time outside that helps charge the mental batteries. If you’re someone who enjoys a more strenuous or longer hike, you might find yourself a bit sore when it is all said and done. To help, you need to know how to recover from a hike. Here are a few tips and tricks to aid in your hiking recovery.

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uv baby blanket

Top 5 Things for Baby’s Trip To The Beach

Heading out to the beach for the first time with your little one can be a truly fun and exciting time for both of you. They will have the opportunity to take in the sand, the water, and all the great outdoor beach activities. At the same time, you have the opportunity to watch all of this excitement unfold. However, you also need to take extra precautions. Your child’s skin is fare and not accustomed to the sun. As is the case with any new activity you need to prep accordingly and plan for the worst possible situations, so that in the event something does take a turn, you’re prepared for it. To help, here are five things to do when it comes to your baby’s first trip to the beach.
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Tarpestry Care: How To Stuff Sack

They seem small enough, but most Tarpestrys weigh in at three and a half hefty pounds. Without proper handling, these things can get heavy! Carrying this load under your arm all the way from your campsite to the main stage can become a seriously sweaty upper arm workout.  Well suffer no longer, friends, because Team Tarpestry is here to help!

Don’t feel like rolling and strapping your Tarpestry?  Stuff it!  Four straps with buckles allow for even compression and a handy grab handle on top for transporting.  The Tarpestry Stuff Sack is a quick way of packing up your Tarpestry, nice and small. You will be amazed how compact your Tarpestry can get. Stuff it and save more room in your backpack for more important stuff…like beer.  

We use the standard size for a tight pack with the Classic and Rugged Styles. The Jumbo size is an easier but not as compact stuff for Fleece, Classic and Rugged Styles.

Option 1: Stuff, stuff, stuff, then pull the drawstring and tighten the buckles.


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Tarpestry Care: How To Strap

So you’ve mastered the Tarpestry fold & roll – bravo! Now you’re ready to pack your Tarpestry for the road!  (If you haven’t mastered the roll, see this blog post for simple instructions.)

They seem small enough, but Tarpestrys are a heavy duty three and a half pounds! Carrying this load under your arm or in your hand all the way from camp to main stage can become a serious upper arm workout.  Well suffer no longer, friends, because Team Tarpestry is here to help!

All you need is a Tarpestry strap.  Transfer that weight to your strong shoulders and free up your arms and hands for important stuff…like beer.

Here’s the method:

  1. Line up the buckles, tails out in the same direction.
  2. Unclip your first buckle and clip around one side of the Tarpestry roll.  Pull it tight.
  3. Line up the tabs on top so the strap is not twisted.
  4. Unclip your second buckle and clip around the other side of the Tarpestry roll.  Pull it tight.
  5. Loosen the strap for a crossbody carry or tighten for an underarm carry.

For the visual folks, a superb video:

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Tarpestry Care: How to Fold

Your Tarpestry arrives in the mail – it’s perfectly folded in perfect form in it’s perfect little box. You can’t wait to see the design so you untie the rope and spread it open on your living room floor. You admire your Tarpestry in all of it’s splendor. Maybe your new Tarpestry is one of the lucky 3D designs and you put on your 3D glasses and get lost for a while.  Maybe you take a nap. Eventually you come back to the world and need to roll up the Tarpestry again. You start to fold it based on the existing fold lines – much like putting a map back together.  And with similar results, it is not perfectly folded in perfect form and you ask yourself “how did this EVER fit inside that tiny box??”.  Well suffer no longer, friends, because Team Tarpestry is here to help!  This is an easy fold/roll and once you know it…you know it.

Here’s the method:

  1. Fold once, hamburger style, grommet to grommet. For those of you who missed out on this in first grade – hamburger style is folding in half to get a square-ish fold instead of a long skinny fold (hot dog style).
  2. Same fold again, in half, same direction.
  3. Same fold one more time, in half, same direction.
  4. Flatten and smooth it out.
  5. Roll it up, nice and tight.

For the visual folks, a super professional video: