Camper and RV with Tarpestry

There’s nothing quite like camping with a home on wheels. Traveling with a camper or RV is a comfortable way to go, and there’s no better way to complement that experience than with Tarpestry.  First of all, you don’t have to make a reservation at a (potentially questionable) hotel.  There’s minimal “setup” time needed – you pull in and park!  It’s quiet and it can be safer than a tent if the weather gets weird.  Now let’s take that comfort level up a notch and add Tarpestry to the equation.

You can hang a Tarpestry from your awning for the ultimate comfort and privacy.  The sun can make or break your camping experience, but with Tarpestry, you can make your own shade. These durable tarps block the sun like no other, so hang one up for instant cooling. Does your campsite view include a port-o-potty? Do you want a little privacy from your not so distant neighbors?  Hang a Tarpestry as your shield.  Lay down a Rugged Tarpestry for your chill zone, then pick it up and take it with you to the river or to see some music!

Home is where you park it…and pack your Tarpestry!


Pack Your Tarpestry: Okeechobee Music Festival

Are you headed to Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival this weekend?  It sounds like an amazing festival and we sure wish we were going!  An awesome line-up in a great location with some good Florida sun is the perfect remedy for these winter blues.  Hall and Oates, Robert Plant, Mumford and Sons and WEEN with sunshine and beach….yeah you could say we are a little bit jealous of you early season festivarians.

Well if you are one of the lucky ducks headed down to florida this weekend, don’t forget to pack your Tarpestry!  Break it in for the 2016 festival season while you’re on the beach, back at camp and at the show.  Pack your Rugged Tarpestry for your trips to Aquachobee and make good use of the double-sided water repellency and UV resistance!  Be sure to bring a set of tent stakes to make sure your Tarpestry stays down in the wind.  If the sun starts to wear you out, hang up the Tarpestry with the grommet rings to make life-saving shade.  Then take that Tarpestry to the show! You’ll always have a homebase at the main stage for you and your buddies…not to mention a personal dance floor.  When it’s time for a break, bring the Tarpestry back to camp and hang up for privacy during naptime.
Cheers to Okeechobee, have a blast and most importantly don’t forget your Tarpestry! (oh yeah, and sunscreen)

amanda smith
simon kriechbaum
davis hartley