Best Lightweight Hiking Gear for Viewing The Fall Leaves

Best lightweight hiking gear

Fall is a beautiful time to get outside. The weather is crisp but not terribly cold, and the changing of the autumn leaves transforms your favorite trails into a totally different hiking experience. In order to fully enjoy your hike though you do need to make sure you invest in the best lightweight hiking gear. This gear is perfect for keeping you comfortable while still making sure you have everything you need while out on your hike. From a lightweight hiking blanket to backpack, a few alterations to your hiking setup will help you shed pounds from your kit and make hiking, wherever you go, easier. 

Best Lightweight Hiking Gear 2019


The right backpack for your needs is critical. A backpack is not a one-size-fits-all piece of gear. You may need a different setup based on where you’re going and the time of year. When it comes to a lightweight backpack you’ll need to weigh what features of the bag you want. 

You will want to keep a durable, waterproof backpack just in case it rains. However, if you’re looking on stripping weight you may want to look for a bag that doesn’t have as much built-in padding or metal bars built into the backpack. It’s easy to chip away at the weight by removing unnecessary material, or by using a different material all together. Just keep in mind that when shopping for a lightweight backpack it will likely not have the same padding, so you’ll need to weigh what is most important for the given hike. 


You’ll want a jacket packed that will not only protect you from rain but also the wind. However, sweatshirts are bulky and jackets take up space. But you need to have this kind of item on standby, so what should you do? There are several brands available that make “wind shells.” These are extremely lightweight jackets that will block out the wind and the rain. Also, there are some that have a reflective interior that helps prevent your body heat from escaping. This way you’ll stay warm, have a waterproof jacket on hand, all while being able to easily fold it up and put it into your pack (many of these kinds of wind shell jackets are under 2 ounces, so you won’t even know you have it packed it’s so light). 

Durable Tarp

A tarp is lightweight, durable, and often indispensable. If you’re going for a hike you’re not going to pack with you a full tent. This just takes up too much space. Yet you need to have something on hand you can put on the ground, use as a blanket, or even as a makeshift shelter if necessary. A tarp from Tarpestry is able to do exactly that. The lightweight material is perfect for removing unnecessary weight during your hike, which helps save your back from sore muscles the days following your hike. 

Hiking Poles

If you haven’t used hiking poles before you don’t know what you’re missing out on. These are great for saving the impact placed on your knees while hiking. After all, during a hike all the impact and weight goes directly onto your knees. With the poles you help disperse the weight further so your arms get more involved in the hike. Using lightweight hiking poles will allow you to continue on for longer and reduce any kind of strain placed on your lower body. 

Possible Tent

If you are planning a longer hike that, if everything goes as it should, will take the entire day, you might want to consider having a tent with you. After all, it might rain, you might twist an ankle, or something else might happen that forces you to make camp. Now, you don’t want to lug a full tent with you. That’s just unnecessary weight. But you should still have something. There are low-profile tents made of extremely durable nylon available. Many of these tents are under 2 pounds in total weight. The food you have in your bag probably weighs more than the tent. So having this may be a desirable option. 

Pocket Knife

You’re not going to tip any scales with a pocket knife, but it is still something you’ll want to invest in. Don’t just buy a cheap pocket knife because you need one. Cheap pocket knives are more likely to break. You want a quality pocket knife that is built to last. You should also look for something with about a three-inch blade. This gives you some room for cutting if you need to cut branches. 

Foldable Water Bottle

Water bottles are not all that heavy when empty, so chances are no matter what water bottle you have it isn’t going to weigh you down. However, the water bottles can become bulky and awkward to carry. And when the water has been depleted in one of the bottles do you really want a large, awkward bottle clanking around? It would be better instead to have a water bottle you can roll or fold up and slip into your bag so it’s out of the way. There are plenty water bottles out there that will do exactly this. You’ll want to invest in a couple, fill them up prior to leaving, and then as you empty the bottle slip it back into your bag so it takes up minimal space. 

Get Out There And Enjoy The Fall 

Hiking in the fall is different from any other time of the year. The scenery you’ve known throughout the spring and summer have transformed into a colorful burst of nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out for a day hike or if you’re planning a longer, more strenuous outdoor activity, these are just a few of the best lightweight hiking gear you need to consider. And for the widest selection of durable, lightweight tarps that are not only built to last but built to impress, make sure to check out the wide selection at