If you have been on a beach trip or even live near the beach, you know that while sitting on the beach is fun and relaxing, it can also be difficult and time-consuming to make sure you are fully prepared for the day. You need to pack your chairs, an umbrella, towles, a cooler for food and beverages, sun screen, a boogie board and activities to keep everyone entertained for the day. And this doen;t even consider if you are bringing your kids or pets along with you. 

With all of the things to consider packing, there is one thing that can help lighten your load: The Tarpestry. What is a Tarpestry and how can it benefit your trip to the beach? Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Tarpestry?

A Tarpestry is half tarp and half tapestry. Traditional tarps are boring and have zero customization. But the Tarpestry, combines the unique designs and vibrant colors of a tapestry with the functionality of a tarp. 

The Tarpestry makes for the perfect beach companion. There are many beach uses including:

  • Using it as a towel to sunbathe while laying in the sand
  • Setting it up as your picnic blanket when it’s time to eat
  • A playmat for your children
  • Propping it up with stakes for additional shade

Additionally, with more and more people beach camping, the Tarpestry is the perfect product to create privacy in your campaign space as well as an addition to your tent for both style and comfort. 

Top Beach Tarp Benefits

Now that you know the possibilities for how to use your beach tarp are endless, let’s talk about the benefits of why the Tarpestry is a must-have for your next trip to the beach!


The Tarpestry prides itself on being one of the most durable products on the market. This is partly due to how easy it is to clean. Simply shake off the dirt or spray it down with a hose. The ensure the longest lifespan of your beach tarp, we recommend storing your Tarpestry indoors in a moisture free closet. Keeping it out of the attic or garage will guarantee it remains your go to beach necessity for years to come!

Water Repellent

While your new beach tarp is not waterproof, it is extremely water repellent. You can lay it on the wet sand, relax on it after a dip in the water or spill your beverages on it and never have to worry about it being ruined. This is essential when taking a trip to the beach, because isn’t the whole appeal the water?

This feature is also key if you are bringing your children to the beach. Having a space for them where they can play and spill to their heart’s desire will keep them occupied and put your mind at ease. 


Who wants to go to the beach when the sun isn’t shining? If you are like us, you still make the trip, but the whole point of the beach is spending time in the sun! That is why the Tarpestry being UV-resistant is super important. Now keep in mind, only some version of the beach tarp have this feature. If you are buying the Tarpestry for beach use exclusively, we would recommend going with the Rugged or Artist Series tarps for maximum benefit.

Again, if you are bringing your children to the beach, the UV-resistant beach tarps could be the way to go.  When your children are tuckered out from all of the playing in the water, you can simply prop up your Tarpestry to create shade for them to nap. You can feel confident that they are napping with optimum sun protection.


Sometimes it is good to get away to the beach by yourself, just friends or with your partner. But, often we know you are traveling with kids in tow. The Tarpestry is meant to be an addition to your packing checklist to make sure you can feel at ease with both the comfort and increased protection of your children at the beach. With water repellent functionality as well as some tarps being UV-resistant, every time you bring your kids to the beach, we know they first thing you will grab is your Tarpestry.

Handcrafted in North Carolina

You will be proud to know that The Tarpestry is handcrafted right in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It is of the utmost importance to the Tarpestry Team to produce their beach tarps right here in the United States. If purchasing products made in the USA is important to you — look no further!

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Whether you are an avid beach camper or simply love relaxing on the beach, The Tarpestry is the perfect beach tarp to take your adventures to the next level. Check out our unique designs, multiple sizes and vast features to select the perfect Tarpestry for you!