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Earth Day

We like to treat every day like Earth Day at Tarpestry!  We work hard to have an eco-conscious and sustainable business and are always brainstorming ways to be better – because we love the Earth! We’re super fans of playing in nature, whether in the woods, at the beach or just taking a stroll through […]

Small Business Saturday: Shakedown Goods

The first time we met Shakedown Goods was 2010 in the middle of the night at Wakarusa Music Festival in Arkansas….and the rest is history!  John and Wesli of Shakedown Goods have an amazing business.  It’s like a hippie emporium but so much more because they are artists with a passion for supporting other artisans.  They […]

Tarpestry-Cycle Campaign

Protecting the environment is a number one priority for us and we are always striving to do better.   Tarpestrys help eliminate single use plastic tarps bound for the landfill – instead of buying a tarp for a one-time outing, Tarpestrys can be used for years!  But we started thinking about the actual life cycle of a Tarpestry. […]

Tarpestry and Sustainability

Since conception of the Tarpestry business our number one goal is to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company. Because alongside taking pleasure in the environment there have to be provisions to protect it. That is why we are dedicated to incorporating sustainable components in all aspects of business and life.  Here are a few examples of what we […]

Artist Series

One of our goals for 2017 is to collaborate with more artists and grow our Artist Series line of Tarpestrys.  The Artist Series is a priority for us because we love working directly with artists to showcase their one-of-a-kind pieces.  We print their unique works of art onto durable, UV resistant fabric and back it […]

Get to Know the Mini

We call it the hiker, the one-pounder, or the two seater.  But don’t let the “Mini” name fool you, this Tarpestry packs possibility!  The Mini is around half the size of the full-size Tarpestry and weighs in at just one pound. We make the Mini in the Rugged style so this durable Tarpestry is fit for […]

Tarpestry Toes

This year we are running a photo contest called “Tarpestry Toes”.  Photos that are submitted for the contest will be featured on the website and/or social media and the winner will get a Tarpestry of their choosing!  The rules are pretty simple: submit pictures via social media or our website that include your Tarpestry, your […]

Monthly Giveaway Contest

This year we will have a giveaway contest for a Mini Tarpestry every month!  We want to show our appreciation to our followers by sharing what we love – Tarpestry!  We use the Mini Tarpestry as much, if not more than, the full size Tarpestry.  We throw one in our backpack for every hike and […]

Holiday Gifting: The Perfect Match

It’s hard to pick out certain gifts for people – jewelry, clothing, books and definitely Tarpestrys. There are different styles of Tarpestry with tons of design options so it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the perfect gift. After watching people choose their favorites at festivals for six years, we have the inside scoop for […]

Why Choose Mini Tarpestry

At Tarpestry Headquarters we call it the hiker, the one-pounder, or the two seater.  But don’t let the “Mini” name fool you, this Tarpestry packs possibility!  The Mini Style is around half the size of the full-size Tarpestry and weighs in at just one pound!  Whether you are on a solo adventure or with a […]

Valentine’s Day Red Sale

What color does everyone think of during Valentine’s day? RED. And for good reason as the crimson color symbolizes passion and love. It’s for this reason that we will discount all red Tarpestrys for our Valentine’s day sale this year. ANY Tarpestry that has red in the design will be 20% off!   We will […]

101 Ways To Tarpestry: Yard Work

Autumn is one of our favorite seasons here at Tarpestry Headquarters. The weather is perfect for hikes, picnics, and late season camping trips. We go on day hikes in the Rocky Mountains and always take along a Tarpestry or two for breaks and a picnic lunch. Visiting the mountains, we get to see the Aspen […]