Hello and Welcome!  

Ted and Carrie here, creators of Tarpestry.

What drives Tarpestry is the raw majesty of the outdoors and the pleasure of being in it. What does not?  A soggy bottom and sunburn.  That is why we create products that widen comfort zones by providing a buffer from the occasional unpleasantries in nature. Fun, funky and most of all functional, Tarpestry gives these protections so that all may enjoy the outdoors with ease.  

Alongside taking pleasure in the environment there have to be provisions to protect it. That is why we are dedicated to incorporating sustainable components in all aspects of business and life.





The Tarpestry Story Began With Tom

During the summer of 2010 we were vending at music festivals across the country.  We stopped at a festival near our hometown and Tom came to see us.  He told us about his “million dollar idea”: a quilt with a tarp attached to the bottom.  As a lover of nature and music, Tom enjoyed outdoor concerts on the lawn.  He did not, however, enjoy a wet blanket.  The idea was genius!  We began to picture the many places to use a blanket with a tarp attached to the bottom.  Then we thought about how we always laid down a tarp and then a tapestry at shows.  Then it clicked – tarp…tapestry….TARPestry!  Tom was ecstatic. For the rest of the summer, we brainstormed on long road trips and got feedback along the way.  Returning to Colorado that fall, we buckled down to make Tarpestry happen.  In early 2011 we had our prototype and the first line was on the way.  Tom was a jubilant man. He was a strong fireman and amazing storyteller with a triumphant laugh.  Most of all he was a devoted father to three girls.  Tom gave his all, everyday, to his family and to his fire department. While he never got to see a finished Tarpestry, we know he is with us in strength, love and courage everyday.



From Colorado to Carolina

We ran our business in Denver, Colorado – first from our garage and then our basement.  All Tarpestrys were hand cut and sewn just outside of the city by Stryker By Design. Every Spring/Summer we would hit the road for Tarpestry Tour and set up shop at music festivals across the country.

After a few years of deliberation we decided to move back to the Blue Ridge Mountains in our home state of North Carolina.  In late 2015 we packed ourselves and the business and moved to a family farm outside of Boone, NC.  We set up our office in a beautiful old barn and found a local manufacturer, Tsuga, to produce our Tarpestrys.  In early 2017, Tsuga completed the first “made in NC” Tarpestry line.  

We are proud of our Colorado roots and are excited for our future in the mountains of Appalachia.  Tarpestry is officially…Built in the Blue Ridge.