A Life Less Ordinary (ALLO)

While building the Tarpestry brand one of our family members has been cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurship as well.  During family gatherings we’ve had conversations about what we were doing, how it was all working and bounced ideas off of each other.  The last time we got together we talked about how we could be working together. We both cultivate a lifestyle brand and they actually go really well together!  So before going on, let me introduce the genius behind ALLO or A Life Less Ordinary.


The Brand

ALLO, is a lifestyle brand that creates products based on the common goals of enjoying a healthy and fruitful life.  Most of us enjoy our warm cup of coffee in the mornings and a lot of us are really coming to understand the benefits of CBD.  Why not combine both into one product using the best sourcing. David, a native Costa Rican knows a thing or two about coffee and lives in California so also knows a little bit about CBD too.  David has officially combined two of our favorite things with two things he has great expertise and created a brand and a product that certainly fits the Tarpestry lifestyle.

Bean & Bud – CBD Infused Coffee

What happens when you realize you can combine two things that are really important in your life into one product?  Well, what happens is the creation of ALLO. ALLO, is a CBD brand that focuses on high quality CBD integrated with one of American’s favorite beverages…..COFFEE!!  When our cousin David first told us of his new company that integrated high end CBD with high end coffee, we had one of those “well that makes a lot of sense” moments.  From ALLO:

“On a mission to source the highest quality coffee beans directly from farmers around the world, roast them to perfection and infuse them with purest CBD extracts, Bean & Bud™ offers three single origin coffees perfectly paired with varying levels of CBD to deliver a truly life-changing coffee experience, no matter what your day has in store for you. Bean & Bud™ by Allo™ presents an invigorating blend of the highest quality coffee beans from farmers around the world. Naturally processed and infused with industrial CBD.”

Sustainable Brew

In order to maintain responsible and sustainable practices, our coffees are sourced directly from farmers. Following the most delicate and natural processes, their families created unique methods to infuse the coffee with industrial CBD without losing the grain’s genuine properties. That’s why our coffee may bring you both satisfaction and perfect flavor at the same time.

Mango Tincture CBD

If coffee isn’t your favorite you can still get the benefits of CBD with their Mango Tincture.

Bring balance and wellness to your everyday a delicious blend of hemp extract, mango, and coconut oil that come together to give this tincture a light natural sweet flavor. It’s easy to remember to take your CBD when it tastes so good!

Wake and brew

We are big fans of catching a sunrise here and there and what better way to enjoy it than on your favorite outdoor blanket with a nice steaming cup of coffee and a little calming cbd.  *Happy Sigh* 2020 will be filled with Tarpestry sunrises and ALLO CBD infused coffee called Bean and Bud. Festival mornings have just gotten a new exciting lift!


If you are interested in checking out Team Tarpestry’s favorite coffee brand, ALLO, click this link for more information and to buy some of your own CBD infused coffee.