101 Ways To Tarpestry: Ski & Snowboard

When you’re packing for your next ski or snowboarding trip don’t forget your Mini Tarpestry! The Mini is the perfect companion for all things wet, snowy, and gnarly. When you get to the parking lot, it’s time to brave the cold and get those snow pants and ski boots on.  Here’s where the Mini comes in clutch. Lay it down on the ground for boot change and gearing up. No more hopping on one foot with the risk of the dreaded wet-sock!  Now you can keep your balance with both feet on the ground, completely dry.  

After you’re geared up and ready to hit the ski lift, pack the Mini in your backpack.  This little guy packs small and light – only one pound! Shred the gnar and then pull the Mini out for your backwoods break time in the warming hut. Keep your ski bum dry anytime you need a break.  When your epic day on the mountain is complete, pull out the Mini Tarpestry once again for ski boot change.  Afterwards, lay the Mini down (water-repellent side up!) in the back of the car.  This will help protect your car from wet snow drips.

If you’re ready for make your powder days on the mountain even more epic, shop the Mini here!

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