101 Ways to Tarpestry: Leaf Raking

Fall is here and we need no reminder that the leaves are coming down.  People do a lot with their leaves: mulch, compost, pile up to jump in, and bag for curbside pickup.  Whatever you do with your leaves this year, Tarpestry can be of service.  

We rake our leaves onto a Tarpestry so that they can be transported more easily.  Once you have your big pile of leaves on your Tarpestry, you can grab a short side at the corners and drag the leaves wherever you want them. It’s also easy to dump them into a leaf bag! We do recommend using a Rugged style Tarpestry for this since yard work can get a bit dirtier than, say, picnicking.  

We’ve also used Tarpestry in a similar fashion when hauling chopped wood to the fireplace. Learn how here!

Make yard work a breeze this Fall and use Tarpestry as your leaf-hauling partner!
DSC_0808 DSC_0811 DSC_0812